Report: GMail to Add Twitter-esque Feature

After failing to acquire Twitter, will Google now compete?

You can already put current status in your GTalk display. Apparently, now, GMail users will be prompted to share what’s up with them. However, when they update again, the previous update will disappear for good.

At least, that’s according to a report in Wall Street Journal (subscription required). The new feature isn’t official yet, but the Wall Street Journal is hardly ever wrong. They seem to be the go-to source for leaks – likely quite official leaks.

Hopefully, the new feature will allow the updates to be sent directly – and automatically – to Twitter and Facebook. While Google has been moving in a more social direction, they’ve been doing it slowly. Directly competing with Facebook or Twitter would probably not be a great idea for Google. Orkut was essentially meant to compete with MySpace which turned out to be a waste of time and resources for many reasons.

The biggest things in social media are generally original and new – not simply creating a new cheeseburger to compete with another cheeseburger (my apologies to LOLcats around the world).

We wait with baited breath to see what Google unveils. Ok, we have lives, so we’ll chill while we wait. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know what happens.

via SAI

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