PPC5 Reasons You Should Get Your AdWords Professional Certification

5 Reasons You Should Get Your AdWords Professional Certification

Don't be left behind. Here are five good reasons why you should get certified.

Whether you’re new to Google AdWords PPC account management or have been working with AdWords for years, you may not be a certified Google AdWords Professional. It’s not required to manage AdWords accounts, and doesn’t mean you aren’t “professional” if you aren’t certified. I managed a large-scale in-house PPC account for years without being certified.

Why to get Certified

  • Improved PPC account performance
  • Learn about new features
  • Clients and employers believe certification is important
  • Better yourself by improving on your craft
  • Get included in the new AdWords Professional Search

I’m certified now, though, and you should be too. Here are the top five reasons why.

You’ll Improve Your PPC Account Performance

Improving account performance is a main feature of the new AdWords Online Training site. It’s in Google’s best interest to help advertisers get great results from AdWords. They even offer free live training Webinars, where participants can take part in a live Q&A. This is a great way to prepare for the exam and get your specific questions answered by experts.

You’ll Learn About New Features you may not be Using

Even if you’ve been doing PPC for years, I’m willing to bet there are at least a couple of features you aren’t already using. The AdWords Online Training site covers things like Conversion Optimizer, Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, the Content Network, and much more. Even the savviest AdWords users may not be experts on these features.

To pass the professionals exam, you’ll need to understand all the facets of AdWords – even those you don’t regularly use. Working through the AdWords Online Classroom is a great way to prepare for the exam and learn about the features at the same time.

Clients, Employers Look for This and Put a lot of Stock in it

If you’re an agency offering PPC account management, AdWords Professional Certification is a must-have. While clients may not know exactly what certification entails, the perception is that if you’re certified, you know what you’re talking about – and if you’re not, you don’t.

In-house PPC managers also need certification. Your employer is the client in this case. Getting certified, even if it’s on your own dime, tells your boss that you’re serious about your job.

And if you’re looking for a job, you may not get so much as an interview if you don’t have that certification on your resume. Employers, like clients, know the certification is out there and put stock in it.

You’ll Better Yourself by Learning, Improving Your Craft

Many professions, like medicine and education, require continuing education as part of maintaining professional certification. PPC is no different.

Google’s certification expires after two years, so even those of us who are already certified will need to take the test again at some point. Keeping current now will prepare you for that test later.

You’ll be Included in the Google AdWords Professional Search

Google recently launched a beta search tool to help prospective advertisers find a Certified AdWords Professional. Prospective advertisers who need help with PPC simply enter their estimated budget, along with the type of help they need, and Google serves up a list of certified professionals matching those criteria. Once this feature gains steam, you won’t want to be left behind.


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