VideoDynomighty YouTube Video Marketing Case Study

Dynomighty YouTube Video Marketing Case Study

Terrance Kelleman, the President and Designer of Dynomighty Design, spoke last week at SES New York 2010. He was one of the speakers on the keynote panel, Video: The Next Digital Marketing Frontier, that was moderated by Zach Rodgers, Managing Editor, ClickZ.

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Kelleman began marketing his magnetic jewelry, Mighty Wallets, and other products with creative videos on YouTube in November 2006. Within a month’s time, his first video, The Original Magnetic Plaything @, was featured on the main page of YouTube for 10 days during the holiday season. It got over 2.7 million views and generated $130,000 in sales in three months.

The experience literally changed his small business overnight. Since then his fun quirky and viral videos have become a major marketing strategy for all new products and have also help shaped the perception of the Dynomighty as a creative independent brand.

Kelleman used to work a day job in IT before he decided to try his hand at jewelry-making and creating other whimsical gift ideas. After his initial video success, Terrence continued creating videos to showcase his products and create connections with potential buyers. Videos are “an easier format to convey your message to people,” he says. “It has more of a residual effect.”

The videos Dynomighty has promoted on YouTube have helped the company grow throughout the country and expand their product line to include everything from magnetic bracelets to paper wallets. Over 50% of the referring traffic to Dynomighty’s website comes from YouTube.

I got a chance to interview Kelleman after his session at SES New York. The video interview has just been uploaded to Search Engine Watch’s Channel on YouTube.

Dynomighty YouTube video marketing case study


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