PR Professionals Can Use Search to Bolster their Objectives

One of the hot sessions at SES New York 2010 was entitled, “Search, PR and the Social Butterfly.” If you missed it, you can retweet this: You can take social media to the boardroom!

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Social media continues to spread its wings with the advent of Google Social Search, Bing, Twitter Search and Yahoo’s Twitter-like moves. With the demise of traditional media outlets and the rise of search and social, PR firms have also gotten a big lift and muscled in on the territory once ruled by advertising agencies.

So, is it time to eighty-six the anachronistic press kits and media lists and hand over the keyword rich online status updates and Twitter feeds?

Following the session, Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of The Buyer Group, interviewed one of the speakers: Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich.

Dietrich spoke about bringing search and PR into the corporate boardroom. With the advent of search and optimization, she said it allows PR professionals to track their results and make them more tangible.

That’s why they can bring these metrics to the boardroom and show the executive team, how PR is translating into higher sales, Web traffic, subscribers or whatever conversion you have that measures your objective. Dietrich also made the point that when it comes to search and social media, you should not put an intern in charge when presenting your objectives to the client.

PR professionals can use search to bolster their objectives at SES New York 2010

The “Search, PR & the Social Butterfly” session will also be held at SES Toronto 2010, although it will feature some different speakers.

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