3m Launches Heat Mapping Tool To Improve Page Attention

Heat mapping tools and web page interactive overlays have been popular topics for the past few years and have proven handy in improving conversion and visitor clicks. 3m now offers web site owners a tool to check page layouts and given feedback on how to manipulate the design to improve it.

“You face many challenges in visual effectiveness. Even minor design changes can have a dramatic impact on the achievement of your visual goals. To combat these subjective challenges we created 3M VAS: Which provides a unique and rapid insight into what viewers will notice in the first 3-5 seconds of exposure,” the website states.

You can sign up now and get 5 free credits to test things. The cost is regularly $20 a credit – seems very reasonable for the information you can get back.

The system has been tested against eye tracking. “To evaluate 3M VAS we compared the model’s predictions to that of the upper theoretical limit produced by human eye-fixations to provide a measure of predictive efficiency for 3M VAS. 3M VAS predictive efficiency was found to be greater than 85%”.

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