Going to SES Toronto 2010 to See New Products

I’ll be flying into Canada on Wednesday to attend SES Toronto 2010. Yes, yes, I’ll be going to conference sessions to keep up-to-date on trends and issues, but I’ll also be spending time in the expo hall to see new products.

Google's Presence at SES New York

Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr

Now, it’s hard to predict what I’ll discover. As Yogi Berra once observed, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

But, I can share with you some of the new products that I saw at SES New York 2010 back in March. Actually, my business partner, Jamie O’Donnell, saw them — but he documented his discoveries on video and uploaded them to SES Conference Expo’s Channel on YouTube.

For example, check out his interview with Jim Hyslop of Compendium on the exhibitor floor at SES New York 2010. Compendium is an enterprise platform for social media and search.

Hyslop talked about the history of blogging and how its typically been a very author-centric type of application. Compendium is taking the activity of blogging into a 3rd generation type of platform.

Blogging on a 3rd generation platform using Compendium at SES New York 2010

Steve Abbey of Mongoose Metrics discussed exhibiting at SES New York 2010. Mongoose Metrics specializes in enterprise phone call conversion tracking. Mongoose Metrics supplies clients with reliable, clear, and actionable data encompassing the entire sales cycle from customer browsing through completed sale.

Phone call conversion tracking with Mongoose Metrics at SES New York 2010

Simonetta Batteiger of Sedo, discussed her company’s marketplace for domain names at SES New York 2010. With more than 1.4 million member accounts from around the world, and trading domains in more than 20 languages, Sedo is the world’s only global domain marketplace.

Sedo and the global domain marketplace at SES New York 2010

Vivek Pahwa discussed AdLift, an Internet marketing agency at SES New York 2010 on the exhibitor floor. AdLift helps companies lower their cost of PPC and SEO services that they provide to their clients.

AdLift exhibits at SES New York 2010

Last but not least, Daniel Yomtobian spoke on behalf of Advertise.com at SES New York 2010. Advertise.com owns, operates, and powers more than 10,000 smaller search publishers along with Google and Yahoo.

Advertise.com exhibits at SES New York 2010

I should disclose that SES is a client of my agency. But trust me on the value of seeing new products.

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