IndustryMaile Ohye Keynote and Other Top Stories from SES Toronto 2010

Maile Ohye Keynote and Other Top Stories from SES Toronto 2010

The top story of Day 2 of SES Toronto 2010 was the keynote conversation by Mike Grehan, Global VP Content for SES, Search Engine Watch and ClickZ, with Maile Ohye, Senior Developer Programs Engineer for Google.

To find out what Ohye said, read “Tell All Q&A With Google’s Maile Ohye – SES Toronto Keynote” by Adam Singer of the TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Then read “Google Changes May Affect Small Business SEO” by Sean Michael Kerner of And read “Google, Caffeinated” by Andrew Goodman of Traffick.

Following the keynote, Byron Gordon of SEO-PR, interviewed Ohye about the “May Day” update, which for Google was an algorithmic ranking change. She also talked about Google’s major infrastructure change called “Caffeine.” She concluded with an explanation of how Google views snippets, which SEOs can influence by adding information to their meta description tags.

Google’s MayDay, caffeine, and snippet at SES Toronto 2010

Other top stories included “SES Toronto 2010: Facebook Feeding Frenzy” by Tyler Calder and “SES Toronto 2010: Meaningful SEM Metrics” by Shockley Au of Search Engine People.

You’ll also want to read “SES Toronto 2010 – Day 2” by Evan Carmichael of The Entrepreneur Blog.

Another top story is “SES Toronto 2010 Live Blogging: SEO Super Tools” by Sarah Jane of NVI.

All things considered.jpg
All Things Considered: This impromptu session featured questions from the audience about any topic. Here, Maile Ohye of Google responds to a question. Behind her is Andrew Goodman of PageZero Media.


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