Promising Numbers From Facebook Video Advertising

At OMMA Video, Brett Wilson, co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul, presented some new research on the tradeoffs between video ad types on Facebook. On Friday, I visited TubeMogul’s offices in Emeryville, CA, and got a full report — at the company’s employee barbecue.

Greg Jarboe and Brett Wilson at TubeMogul.jpg
Greg Jarboe and Brett Wilson at TubeMogul employee barbecue

TubeMogul took a sample of 25 major video advertising campaigns that ran identical videos within Facebook ad units (four types) and comparable click-to-play video ad units on publisher sites (i.e. standalone 300×250 ad units). The company then compared resulting cost, viewing-time and other metrics. The sample spanned 60.2 million views.

Brands included Symantec, Microsoft, Hyundai, 20th-Century Fox and others. Facebook ad types spanned in-application display ads, interstitials and virtual currency placements, as well as some numbers for their official “Sponsored Video” unit.

Why should marketers care about video on Facebook?

First, Facebook is a top-ten video site without without setting out to be. According to Comscore, Facebook was the fifth top video site in April, above giants like CBS Interactive and even Hulu.

Second, Facebook turns out to be the home to some of the most engaged viewers online. Taking a sample of 34.5 million streams from top media companies’ video clips embedded within Facebook, TubeMogul found that Facebook leads all other discovery sources in terms of minutes-watched per view.

To see Wilson’s presentation, go to the TubeMogul Blog post entitled, “Video of Our OMMA Video Presentation on Facebook Ads.” To dig deeper into the research, go to “Promising Numbers From Facebook Video Advertising; Tradeoffs by Ad Type.”

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