Google To Buy Virtual Currency Platform

Google is to add another piece to their move into the social and online gaming space, as TechCrunch announced they will be buying Jambool and their Social Gold platform.

The platform gets high praise – they have a quote from John Zdanowski, ex-CFO, Linden Labs stating “If I were to build the Second Life economy again, I would do it on the Social Gold platform.”

With Google’s recent acquisition of Slideand investment in Zynga, they have shown their further commitment to pursuing areas outside of search.

The site explains that Social Gold platform below.

“The Virtual Currency API is a set of debit and credit calls, that update a user’s currency balance. Each such call is associated with events that caused the balance to change. Social Gold platform stores these events and processes them to give you deep insights into your virtual economy.

Along with debit and credit calls, you also get the ability to let users buy currency by paying for it. The virtual currency product comes built in with support for in-game payments, and has access to local payment methods that reach your global user base.”

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