Connect With Almost Every Attendee At SES San Francisco #SESSF Via Twitter

Wow, SES San Francisco was awesome wasn’t it?

Over 6,000 people registered to hear about the latest skills and insights into search marketing.


If you met cool people and didn’t get their business card, then hopefully our Tweetwall tool can help you connect with the people you missed.

Couldn’t Make It?
If you weren’t able to attend SES SF this year, you can also use this tool to catchup on what was going on via our archive of every tweet on the #sessf hashtag.

Listed below are some of the cool things our Tweetwall can do:

Follow Suggestions
Simply hit the link above and input your username. We will suggest new users to follow based on who your friends are already following from #SESSF.


Photos & Shenanigans
If you are wondering whether that photo of you in a black hat ever made it onto the interwebs, I would recommend checking this section first (or clicking the link above).


Top Tweeters
If your thumbs are now numb from tweeting insights, check this leaderboard to find sympathetic friends. If your thumbs are not numb, then you were probably getting lots of juicy info from those listed in this section – so click the link above and follow them – hey, you could even drop them a line to say “so long, and thanks for all the insights”.


See How People Are Connected
If you were wondering how those on the Top Tweeters leaderboard are connected and who they rely on to spread their messages far and wide across the Twitterverse, then you may like to play around with our Twitter Wheel tool. Hover over a username/avatar to see who is connected to who.


See People’s Tribes at #SESSF
Check this section to see who was connected to a lot of #SESSF attendees. Maybe they can help you connect with the people you missed?

Most Event Following.png

Discover New & Popular Tweeters Who Tweeted About #SESSF
Twitter is all about discovering great new people to follow online, and #SESSF is all about connecting great people in person – so we thought we might combine the two.

If you did not have a chance to connect with all the characters at the conference, click on the link above, to discover the thought leaders in the industry who discussed #SESSF.


Thanks to everyone who attended SES San Francisco this year and helped make it a fantastic event. We look forward to seeing you at Connected Marketing Week 2011, in San Francisco, next year!

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