GoogleTV: Browse the Whole Web (Just Not Hulu)

Google TV’s website boasts, “Browse the whole web. Not just some of it. All of it.” Guess Hulu isn’t part of the web anymore.

Yesterday, Logitech debuted Revue, a $299 device that connects to your HDTV or cable box to run the Google TV software the combines television, search, the web, apps, and DVR.

Google confirmed that Hulu is blocked on Google TV, and will return the message, “Unfortunately Hulu is not supported on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.” So anyone hoping to get rid of cable or satellite and just rely on Google TV is out of luck.

Sony’s Google TV Prices, Sizes Revealed

Pricing details on Sony’s Google TV sets came out today. They will offer four different models: 24-inch (price unknown); 32-inch ($1,299); 40-inch ($1,499); and 46-inch ($1,899).


Google vs. Apple, Boxee & Roku

Google TV is also facing some competition with Apple TV, which has a much lower cost of $100. However, Apple’s device is more of a DVD player that streams movies and TV shows from iTunes, rather than Google’s all-in-one concept. There is also Boxee ($200), which can stream Hulu Plus videos on-demand from your Internet to your TV, and Roku ($100), which delivers video from Netflix, Amazon, and MLB TV.

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