NBC Cancels Google TV Ad Deal Early

NBC has opted out of its multi-year advertising partnership with Google because the company found “little value” in having Google sell its ads, Adweek reports.

Buyers complained about being unable to get ads at certain times, on certain days, and on certain channels, and that Google sold spots to the highest bidder via an online auction process.

Google teamed with NBCU in 2008 to broker a portion of the TV ads on some of NBCU’s cable networks — including Syfy, Oxygen, MSNBC, and CNBC — and to develop new ways of measuring success of ads delivered over its Google TV Ads platform.

According to ClickZ, for approximately two months the companies have sought to negotiate an outcome where Google would continue to sell ads on NBC channels, but were unable to do so. During that time Google has not served any inventory on TV networks where it previously had distribution.

Adweek noted that Google brought “smaller businesses to the TV space that otherwise wouldn’t be there. It has said about a third of its clients are new to the medium.”

Google’s statement: “While, we are no longer offering NBC Universal inventory through Google TV Ads, NBC Universal continues to be a great partner to Google. Both NBC and Google are committed to bringing more relevance to TV viewership and advertising. CNBC is an important partner in the launch of Google TV and we are working together on research studies.”

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