SEOSearch Week in Review for Oct. 23, 2010

Search Week in Review for Oct. 23, 2010

Here’s a roundup of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of Oct. 18 to 22, as reported by Search Engine Watch, as well as search news and tips from around the web.

Search Engine Optimization

5 Website Changes That Will Hurt Your SEO By Eric Enge
Significant modifications to your website can impact your short-term SEO efforts. Here’s how to properly handle changes to the domain, URL structure, content, Whois record, and theme.

Latent Semantics and How to Check it in the SERPs by Frank Watson
Search engines use latent semantics to understand where certain keywords should be grouped. Take advantage of this for your SEO efforts when creating website content and improve your rankings.

On-page Optimization is Dead By Gareth Owen
Further proof that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics — especially in SEO.

SEM Basics

Search Advertising

Click Fraud Grows to 22.3% in Q3 2010 By Danny Goodwin
Click Forensics reported that the overall industry average click fraud rate rose to 22.3 percent, up from 18.6 percent in Q2 2010.

Analytics & ROI

Wag the Dog: The Tail of Bid Management By Thi Thumasathit
Search marketers need to focus on maximizing relevance and conversion before bid management. Relying exclusively on bid management solutions to drive the success of a search campaign is letting the tail wag the dog.

Social Media Marketing

How to Use Social Media in Christmas Marketing By Kevin Gibbons
At least 43 percent of marketers say they want to use social media as part of their Christmas online marketing. So how can you harness this tricky platform?

Social Intelligence for Facebook Marketing By Jason Cormier
How to shape strategies and tactics specific to fan engagement, application development/deployment, and advertising.

Social Media + Search Marketing = B2B Marketing Success By Ryan DeShazer
B2B marketers are increasingly using social and search together. Here’s how to quantify those efforts and how the two will become even more closely aligned in the months and years ahead.

Facebook Privacy — Again? by Kristine Schachinger
Hey, Facebook, stop being careless, stop being sloppy, and stop giving out all our data. Get a security team, and audit your apps and your app companies. If Apple can do it, so can you.

Link Building

Using Customers for Link Marketing By Justilien Gaspard
A few insights that will help you get your customers involved in creating links to your site.

Local & Mobile Search

Google Simplifies Local Search Control By Danny Goodwin
Google is adding a “Change location” link to the left panel on its search results pages, making it easier for searchers to find local businesses and provide an accurate location setting.

Report: Google No. 1 & No. 2 Search Engine on iPhone By Danny Goodwin
Google is the source of nearly 97 percent of all iPhone search traffic, a combination of searches via the Safari toolbar and the Google home page, plus Google’s app, according to a new report.

SMB Search Marketing

Enterprise SEM

Effective Search Marketing Strategy Determines Fate of Organizations By David Dalka
If you don’t rank for core terms that matter to your business, you may find yourself going out of business. The cost and risks of doing nothing are exponentially growing.

SEM Agency Issues

5 Ways To Help Your Paid Search Team by Duncan Parry
If you want to improve your PPC sales figures, communication, optimization, automation, and education are key. Also, avoid becoming stale by allowing everything to be up for discussion.

International Search

Get Linked: How to Build Backlinks in Foreign Languages by Christian Arno
The foreign language Internet presents the greatest untapped resource of our time, and word is spreading fast of just how profitable it can be and how easy it is to rank highly in foreign language search engines.

244,000 Germans Demand Removal of Google Street View Imagery By Danny Goodwin
Google announced that 244,237 out of 8,458,084 households (2.89 percent) want images of their homes to be blurred when Street View map imagery launches in Germany’s 20 biggest cities in a few weeks.

Google Stops Street View Data Collection After Canada, Spain Complaints By Danny Goodwin
Canada’s privacy commissioner declared that Google violated the country’s privacy laws, which followed news that Spain’s Data Protection Agency plans to fine Google between due to the Wi-Fi data Google collected with its Street View cars.

Google Cuts Ad Contracts in China as Search Share Drops Again By Danny Goodwin
Google, which continues to lose search market share to rival Baidu in China, confirmed that they terminated the contracts of seven large AdWords resellers.

Google-Yahoo Japan Deal May Face FTC Scrutiny By Danny Goodwin
Rakuten, Japan’s largest online shopping mall operator, has asked Japan’s Fair Trade Commission to review the search deal Google cut with Yahoo Japan.

Google News

Google Counters Bing/Facebook With ‘Shared By’ Social Search Results By Danny Goodwin
Google has quickly tried to counter Bing and Facebook’s social search announcement by integrating social shares into their search results.

ABC, CBS, NBC Block Web Content From Google TV By Danny Goodwin
The three biggest U.S. networks have blocked access to full-length episodes of television shows that are available for streaming on their websites, meaning anyone who bought a brand new Google TV this week is out of luck — for now….

Google Demo Slam: Compete to Make Google’s Products Look Cool By Danny Goodwin
Google plans to use the Flash-based site to show off tech demos made by people using Google’s products.

Google Renames Suggest ‘Google Autocomplete’ By Danny Goodwin
Google says the new name fits better with Google Instant functionality, but an added benefit is that it distances the company from a somewhat tainted Google Suggest name.

Google: Login, Make a Profile, Get a ‘Happy Birthday’ Doodle By Danny Goodwin
Google CEO Eric Schmidt makes no secret that he wants “people to be more logged into Google.” In the hopes of giving people a reason to login (at least once a year), Google announced a personalized birthday Google Doodle.

Yahoo News

Yahoo’s Bartz: ‘I’m here to stay. Do I look like a wimp?’ By Danny Goodwin
One day after Yahoo reported its Q3 earnings and Yahoo’s board unofficially committed to stick with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz for the remainder of her contract, Bartz was interviewed by Fox Business.

Yahoo Copies Facebook Strategy with Y Connect By Danny Goodwin
Yahoo is planning a feature called Y Connect, in the hopes of driving and tracking traffic and to make more money from advertising.

Bing News

A Bing State of Mind: Jay-Z Teams with Bing & Facebook to Promote Book By Danny Goodwin
Bing announced a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help people decode Jay-Z’s life and lyrics.

The Search Industry

Online Video News

YouTube Leanback Adds Advertising for Google TV Launch By Danny Goodwin
Pre-roll and overlay ads now will be shown when you watch videos on YouTube Leanback, which lets you watch a playlist of selected videos without interruption in HD and full screen.

Viacom Hires High-Profile Lawyer to Battle YouTube on Copyright By Danny Goodwin
Viacom has hired appellate lawyer and former United States Solicitor General Theodore Olson.

Judge Orders Google To Give Up Harassers Info By Frank Watson
Will Tuesday’s court ruling impact Google’s policy of what information they keep in their search results?

SES Chicago

SES Chicago 2010 Coverage – Day 3 #SESChi By Danny Goodwin
A roundup of live blogging and coverage of the conference.

Maile Ohye Discusses Optimizing Sites for Google TV at SES Chicago 2010 By Greg Jarboe
You should begin optimizing sites for TV — including Google TV.

Maile Ohye: Google Loves Your Ugly Baby, Plus the Future of Search #SESChi By Garry Przyklenk
What’s now, what’s new, and what’s next for Google.

SES Chicago 2010 Coverage – Day 2 #SESChi By Danny Goodwin
A roundup of live blogging and coverage of the conference.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO: A Story of Kodak’s Marketing Catalyst at #SESChi By Garry Przyklenk
Give credit where credit is due, Jeffrey Hayzlett rocked the house yet again at SES Chicago today.

SES Chicago 2010 Coverage – Day 1 By Danny Goodwin
A roundup of live blogging and coverage of the conference.

What’s the Future of Search? SES Chicago 2010 #SESChi By Danny Goodwin
One of the big questions at SES Chicago this year is: what’s the future of search? What do you think? What’s the future of search?

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