Tron: Legacy Tie-ins Launch iAds for iPad, Yahoo Search & Virgin’s Project Magazine

Walt Disney Co.’s new Tron: Legacy movie is proving to be a strong marketing vehicle for tech companies who want to promote the potential of their online display products. Disney has partnered with Apple, Yahoo & Virgin in a move that seems to launch concept ads that mark the future of brand advertising.

Apple has just launched it’s first iAd for the iPad that has tailored to the large touchscreen report BtoBonline.

The ad promotes the new Tron: Legacy movie which debuts in cinemas today. The iAd for iPad features 10 minutes of video, nearby show times and allows you to buy singles from the Daft Punk soundtrack via iTunes. Also, a much discussed feature is the ability to email the ad to friends from within the ad.

Image credit: AdvertisingAge

Just recently Yahoo partnered with Disney to have ‘the game grid’ illustrate new and faster search features – such as the movie’s info box.

And earlier this month, multi-millionaire and owner of Virgin Galactic (the world’s first commercial spaceship), Richard Branson, launched a new concept in magazines made specifically for the iPad, called Project. Jeff Bridges featured on the cover, with a special interactive feature on the Tron sequel.

PROJECT magazine cover video from PROJECT on Vimeo.

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