A 10 Day Plan to Overhaul Your PPC Campaigns, Part 3

Like it or not, paid search became a lot more complex in 2010. There are more ad formats than ever.

This 10 day plan to overhaul your PPC campaigns is a day-by-day guide to dust off your campaigns and update them will all of the new controls available.

  • Day 1: Implement Sitelinks
  • Day 2: Add Product Extensions
  • Day 3: Set up Remarketing (a.k.a. retargeting)
  • Day 4: Target Display Ads Above the Fold
  • Day 5: Migrate to Modified Broad Match
  • Day 6: Test Click to Call
  • Day 7: Target Image Ads on Google Image Search
  • Day 8: Add Seller Ratings (Closed Beta)
  • Day 9: Launch Product Listing Ads (Closed Beta)
  • Day 10: Include Video Extensions

Read Part 1 to learn about sitelinks, product extensions, and remarketing and Part 2 covers targeting display ads above the fold, migrating to modified broad match, and testing click-to-call.

Today, we’ll wrap up the 10 day plan with targeting image ads on Google Image Search, adding seller ratings, launching Product Listing Ads, and including Video Extensions.

Day 7: Target Image Ads on Google Image Search

  • What it is: Earlier this year, Google introduced Image Search Ads that appear exclusively above results in Google Images. Now, they’ve launched a test to let companies target that same ad space with a conventional leaderboard ad unit.
  • What it looks like:

Google Image Ads

  • Why it matters: To my knowledge, this is the first time Google has allowed a conventional display ad on one of its search results pages. If your product is visually oriented or you have a visually captivating display campaign, it could be an effective way to reach a high intent audience in a different way.
  • How to implement it: First, you have to have a banner ad in the leaderboard format (728 x 90). Create or choose a campaign targeted at the Display Network (again, don’t mix display and search targeting in one campaign). Use the placement tool to target “images.google.com.”
  • Who can use it: All U.S. and U.K. advertisers, but “today display ads on Google Images are available on a small fraction of queries.”
  • More information:

Day 8: Add Seller Rating Extensions (Closed Beta)

  • What it is: An extra line below your text ad showing your rating from Google Product Search.
  • What it looks like:

Google Seller Ratings

Day 9: Launch Product Listing Ads

  • What it is: Image ads that show a picture of a product, the product name, price, and merchant name. They appear on the upper right of the SERPs for relevant queries.
  • What it looks like:

Google Product Listing Ad

Day 10: Include Video Extensions (Closed Beta)

  • What it is: Certain search queries can now trigger ads that include a plus box extension that expands to allow users to watch a video.
  • What it looks like:

Google Video Extension

  • Why it matters: This is the first rich media ad to appear in Google’s traditional static SERPs. As we’ve seen with organic search, rich media can reach a unique audience in a more engaging way.
  • How to implement it: This is a private beta, so no implementation instructions have been release. Ask your Google AdWords reps.
  • Who can use it: Limited beta, meaning you only get in if Google invites you. Chance are, you’ll need a high spend, an entertainment site and you already have a Google team. If that’s you, ask to be considered.
  • More information:

Implementing Your 10 Day Plan

Chances are you won’t explore every one of these new features, but there are likely to be ones you haven’t tested yet either. It’s not too late to dust off your campaigns and ad groups and optimize during the peak season. You’ll be more competitive now and ready for the post-Christmas rush!

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