Facebook Most Searched For Term, Most Visited Site in 2010

For the second straight year, Facebook was the most searched for term on the internet. And with the interest it is gaining through the awards being given The Social Network this movie awards season, the company may hold the title again this year.

Hitwise released the search numbers and interestingly Facebbok was 4 of the top 10 searches – www and the dot com being separated.


“When combined, common search terms – e.g., facebook and facebook.com – for Facebook accounted for 3.48 percent of all searches in the US among the top 50 terms, which represents a 207 percent increase versus 2009.” Hitwise noted. While, part of this branded dominance for the top terms can be related to many people using a search page as their browser homepage and just typing addreeses in to the search box as opposed to the address bar, it does show the vast popularity of Facebbok.


As for the top sites, movement seems to reflect popularity as well as what happened in 2010. Yahoo once the dominant number one has lost much even though they have the number one email service. MySpace, which dropped from 2 in 2009 to 5, is losing popularity, while YouTube and Bing are gaining it along with Facebook. Bing replaced eBay which also seems to be losing ground.

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