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Top 5 Free SEO iPad Apps

For the SEO professional who has made an iPad their portable business tool of choice, here's an overview of five essential apps that can help get your job done while on the go: Quick SEO Site Review, Google Analytics, RavenTools, WordPress, and VNC.

For many of us, the iPad has become our portable business tool of choice. It isn’t uncommon to see multiple people pull out their iPad for notetaking or to a review a website during a meeting.

With that in mind, here are five free essential apps that every SEO should have on their iPad.

Quick SEO Site Review App


Price: Free
iTunes Link:

Multitudes of Firefox and Chrome plug-ins can show you PageRank, inlinks, and more. But sometimes you just need to pull the essential high-level stats from a website. The easier the better.

SiteAnalyser, a free SEO iPhone app, fits the bill. It gives you quick access to PR, links, page size, load time, meta data, header tags, age — basically all the top-level info you might need on the fly in a meeting.

Google Analytics for iPad

Google Analytics iPad

Price: Free (for Lite Version)
iTunes Link:

This app brings a nice touch interface to the reports that we’re all familiar with from Analytics. The app is pretty powerful. Apart from anything advanced you might be undertaking, this suits the bill pretty well for quickly running a report or showing a client their top keywords or visitors with all the familiar segmenting of metrics that you probably do.

As a nice bonus, double-tapping on any report will bring it up full screen so it’s easier for others to see. The free version only shows you 10 rows of data, and won’t let you export which should be fine for most light reporting on the go. If you need some more advanced features, they unlock for $6.99


RavenTools iPad

Price: Free (RavenTools plans billed seperately)
iTunes Link:

If you have a RavenTools account, then you should definitely keep the companion Raven app on your iPad. It can nicely supplement the Google Analytics app, while giving you some familiar features and tools while you’re on the go.

You can quickly build out a dashboard with modules for review and drilling into any of the modules takes you to the actual report in app. From there you can e-mail, have access to your familiar tools, and do some research.

This might not be as helpful in a meeting, but it’s handy to have while your laptop takes a nap back at the hotel room. Another cool time-saving feature: once you log in, you have access to all the websites in your account.

WordPress for iPad

WordPress iPad

Price: Free
iTunes Link:

One thing I constantly find myself doing is writing, editing, and optimizing blogs through the magic of WordPress. Now I never expected to get really down and dirty with my optimization efforts through an iPad, but I did expect to be able to do basic maintenance, approve comments, and create blog posts.

Safari on the iPad had different plans, however, so I found myself searching for an app. Lo and behold: WordPress for iPad! It covers your fundamentals (and multiple blogs) quite nicely and has become quite essential while traveling.


VNC iPad

Price: Free
iTunes Link:

If there’s one thing you’re bound to do from time to time, it’s forget something at the office. Usually, this happens at the least opportune moment possible and creates an instant headache.

Unless you have everything in the cloud, you might find yourself with lingering ties to the desktop. When these moments happen, I have a free VNC server running in the background on my Windows machine.

For an iPad client, I’ve been quite happy with using Mocha VNC Lite. It does everything I would want it to do and gives instant access to my desktop from hundreds of miles away. Additionally, should you ever have a need to view a Flash website from your iPad and you find yourself cursing Steve Jobs under your breath, you can use VNC as a workaround.

If you have any other SEO iPad apps you think could be useful, please let us know!


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