Single On Valentine’s Day? Maybe Your Gadget Is to Blame

Geeks like their toys. Apple has certainly sold the public on the cool factor of owning an iPhone or an iPad.

But is geek really chic? According to a recent Retrevo Gadgetology study, not necessarily.

Pop-punk band American Hi-Fi might proclaim geeks get the girls, but not if you’re holding an iPad. Retrevo asked both men and women if they would be attracted to a person based on their gadgets and alternative non-gadget choices. According to the survey, 29% of women surveyed said they would be interested in a man if she spotted him using an iPad. The attraction statistic rose by only 7 points for men using iPhones.

Say it isn’t so! Steve Jobs told us the iPad is a chick magnet, right? According to the women Retrevo surveyed, no. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it to check out Google’s Valentine Doodle. You’re more attractive reading a book than using an iPad. So much for the magical device.

To add even more insult to injury, Women find men who walk dogs more attractive than those using a cool smart phone or iPad. Is there an app for that?

s868.photobucket.jpegTruth be told, our gadget behavior is following us wherever we go. Gadget use is almost as important as what clothes we wear. According to over half of the under-35 year olds surveyed, our gadget usage is most noticeable at work. Nearly half also said they notice gadget usage at parties or other social events.

I hear the murmurs from the gadget guys now: “women aren’t attracted to gadgets, but that doesn’t mean I’m unattractive, right?” Sorry to say, if you wear a Bluetooth headset or a phone holster, you are officially labeled as “unattractive” by about one-third of your potential soul mates.

Here’s some pointers as you go out this Valentine’s day. Take them to heart so you don’t end up single next Valentine’s day!

  • Take off the Bluetooth headset before you get out of your car. Don’t be seen wearing it in public.
  • Next time you walk into that meeting, only put your phone on the table if it’s a cool smart phone. Even still, don’t expect miracles.
  • If you need to have a gadget around you, use a laptop. Using a cool laptop was more interesting to women than anything else in the survey.
  • Dress to impress. But if you’re still wearing a phone holster, ditch it.

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