Tapping Internet Resources for SEO and Beyond

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that time is money. I value my time quite highly, so if I can do anything to reduce “wasted” time, I’m all for it.

If this means paying someone to do the job for me, well as long as they have a cheaper hourly rate than myself, I’m all for it. And the Internet provides resources to outsource work you don’t want to be doing, when it comes to SEO or practically anything.

Which brings us to Fiverr, which describes itself as “a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5: Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more!”

Yes, there are other services out there. I’ve used oDesk regularly for outsourcing work. I could talk about oDesk and all its virtues, but I’m sure some of you use it already.

The big difference between oDesk and Fiverr is that there’s no way I’m ever getting billed a mere $5 for any job on oDesk. I always seem to end up overcharged and with a half working product from oDesk.

However, if you incorporate Fiverr as part of your arsenal, you’ll be thanking me by the end of the week.

What sorts of “neat” things can you do on Fiverr? Well, pretty much anything.

Problem: You need someone to add your website to a social bookmarking service, or a hundred.


  • jennyagain will review your website and promote it via social bookmarking websites, Facebook and other methods for a mere $5.
  • chinita will submit your website to 100 social bookmarking sites for $5.
  • jzpreds will get your website “Dugg” for $5.
  • ganesh786 will give you a list of 523 social bookmark sites, of which you could pay someone else to bookmark to, for $5.

There are more than 613 matching candidates for this task at the time of writing.

Fiverr Social Bookmark

Problem: You require someone to record themselves and upload to YouTube reviewing your website, software or product.


  • docdizzle will review your website or product for $5.
  • profitpoet will review your business or product for $5.

Again, just for the search terms “video review,” I’ve found more than 245 possible candidates willing to give me video-love.

Fiverr Video Review

The possibilities here are fairly limitless. If you just want someone to stand in the middle of an empty intersection with your name on a cardboard sign and take a photo, I’m sure there is someone on Fiverr willing to do it for $5 (and no, I don’t encourage endangering lives, but this idea is pretty funny in theory).

Can you see the potential here? Hopefully you realize that utilizing other people’s time at a discounted rate (as long as you bill your worth at more than $5 for the task at hand) is an invaluable tool and could end up becoming a fairly integral part of your online success.

Need some ideas? Here are some kickstarters for you:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Directory submissions
  • Twitter advertisements
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Graphic design
  • Link monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Video reviews
  • Blog reviews
  • Forum posting
  • Content or article writing
  • Web 2.0 profile building
  • SEO keyword research

And if you’re just an egomaniac or like having fun, there are plenty of other “interesting” things people will do for $5.

Good luck.

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