SEOGlenn Beck Attacks Google As Government Shills

Glenn Beck Attacks Google As Government Shills

“Is anyone willing to do their own homework? Cause the media is not going to,” Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck asked Monday – and as a member of the media – he quickly showed he had not done his, claiming Google was “deeply in bed with the Federal government.”

Is your mouth connected to a brain? Well if making wild unsubstantiated claims is any indication, Glenn Beck has a problem.

“Google is pretty deep in bed with the government,” Beck claims. “Are they just a shill now for the US government?” “Maybe this explains why Google is being kicked out of all the other countries.”

Okay what homework did you do to find that fact? Google has not been kicked out of any countries either physically or virtually (unless the entire internet has been turned off) – they left China on their own accord and other countries have had problems with Google for various reasons but they have not kicked them out.

“Who is Jared Cohen is he private citizen or government operative?” Beck asks. Then claims he was the second Google executive that has been “exposed as an instigator of a revolution.”

Jared Cohen worked in the State Department and left and ended up working at Google as Director of Google Ideas. Beck would have you believe those ideas are overthrowing governments.

Google is not directly involved in what its employees do outside of their work. This is not part of the company’s 20% work on your own ideas. Yes, a person or more, who worked at Google were involved in the protests in Egypt, and yes one set up the Facebook account that information about protests was distributed, but Google the company had nothing to do with it.

Does Fox News get involved with all their employees endeavors? If yes – then they have some things to answer for – but they have disclaimers – you know the ones – the opinions of this speaker does not reflect the company etc etc.

How does he do all this? Glenn Beck asks a series of questions – many of which are so off the wall – but answers with words that trick you in to agreeing or saying ok what was he saying. For example: “are you comfortable with the government partnering with search engines to bring change that the Washington elite have designed?”

He responds “I’m not comfortable with that” and you agree. But the question asked about something that does not exist. Google is not doing this and if they were people should be uncomfortable with it. But asking the question does make it so.

When he states “the truth has no agenda but the media does” and “the truth has no agenda. but you don’t know the truth” I want to respond like the movie character that yelled: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

Obviously Beck should be told “you can’t handle the truth” – especially given his ability to talk without it.



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