New on Bing: Flight Auto Suggest & Natural Language Shopping Search

Bing unveiled a nice little feature for searchers looking to travel. Auto-suggest results, built off of their price prediction algorithm, shows instant price ranges for flight prices.


This is a nice feature. I’m a big fan of anything that requires clicking less. Bing’s Price Predictor bases results off of more than 175 billion airfare observations.

Google, the king of auto-suggest features, is left holding the ball on this one. Although Google announced picking up travel company ITA for $700 million, that deal has been halted, at least tentatively. The acquisition of ITA has caused quite a stir in the travel industry and even spurred the creation of

Bing seems to be doing what any smart business would do, that is, getting in while the getting is good. Bing has created something truly innovative here and is sure to cause a response from Google soon.

Bing also unveiled a new feature for every day shoppers.


Bing announcedthe ability to search with price as a modifier within shopping queries. For example:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could just type what you’re thinking into the search box? Say, “Air Jordans under $100” or “Hudson jeans under $200” and let Bing do the work. With improvements to natural language search arriving in Bing, now you can.

Both the travel and shopping search features are great time savers and should receive a warm reception from search engine users. As of now, there is no word on whether Bing will make this available to non-U.S. users.

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