VideoYouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

YouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

Bing Chen, who handles YouTube Creator Initiatives and Product Marketing, announced the creation of the YouTube Creator Institute. The first initiative from YouTube Next, the school offers aspiring video wizards everything except a a Quidditch team.

In a post on the YouTube Blog, Chen said, “Very often, these dedicated YouTubers wear several hats at once: actor, writer, director, producer, cinematographer, studio head, and lead marketer — in other words, to get their videos to the world, they need to know how to do it all. But we figure there are people out there who’ve always wanted to express themselves through video, but may be limited by funding, video-making skills, insufficient tools, or just knowing where to start.”

That’s why YouTube is establishing the YouTube Creator Institute to help nurture these content creators, existing YouTube partners, and the next generation of stellar YouTube talent with the skills they need to thrive online and offline.

YouTube is working with some of the world’s leading film and television schools to put together the YouTube Creator Institute. Participants will study a unique new media curriculum, apply new media tools, find out how to build their audiences, be promoted globally on the YouTube platform, and engage with industry leaders and experts.

Participants will learn everything from story arcing to cinematography, money-making strategies to social media tactics — although there don’t appear to be any courses on Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, or Transfiguration. Nevertheless, the wider YouTube community will also be able to learn along the way by following the YouTube Creator Institute’s inaugural class on YouTube this summer.

The inaugural YouTube Creator Institute programs begin in the U.S. in May this year. One will be held at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts from May 25 until June 22 in Los Angeles, CA. The other will be held at Columbia College Chicago from May 31 to July 22.

Any U.S. citizen over 18 can apply, and candidates should apply online at the YouTube Creator Institute from now to March 25. Applications include two short answer questions and a maximum two-minute demonstration of the creator’s craft, whether it be a short film, a clip of a personal cooking show, or a snapshot of a nature expedition.

The YouTube community will vote for two weeks between March 28 and April 8 for their favorite creators. The top voted candidates will move on to the final round, where YouTube’s film and television school partners will choose the inaugural class for each of their programs, which will be announced on April 20.

One more thing: Each student is allowed to bring a cat, toad, rat or owl.



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