StumbleUpon Launches a New Ad Discovery Platform

Announced at SXSW, StumbleUpon has introduced a new ad platform which promises 100% engagement.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery delivers an engaged target audience directly to you: no clicking through ads or links. 100% engagement, 100% of the time.

With the new Paid Discovery platform, advertisers can purchase placement to have their sites included into relevant categories. When users click on the stumble button, they will see the users site. Paid users can buy inclusion into the stumble streams.


StumbleUpon believes this option to have a site included is valuable method of discovery, one that has integrity and trust generated by the brand StumbleUpon. What’s more, good content would have the ability to be discovered, shared, and introduced to the viral action features that StumbleUpon has built up with their community.

When StumbleUpon users are presented with a site, they have the option to click thumbs up, which is sort of equivalent to the Facebook like action. Smart advertisers will use this to their advantage and buy advertising on content that deserves to be promoted in the first place.

Paid search versus SU’s paid discovery presents the advertisement in a completely different way. Paid search is much more targeted. Paid discovery is great option (and, for the most part, cheaper), that allows users to present brands, videos, and blog posts that will help present new properties to relevant users.

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