MajesticSEO Announces the New Freshness Index

Majestic SEO announces a “freshness index” tool to the Site Explorer, Clique Hunter, Advanced reports and Standard Reports.

The new feature is a big announcement, so big that all the data they provided up until this point has now been renamed as “Historic.”

One of the biggest challenges of performing internet marketing is keeping a handle on the competition. Viewing these competitor campaigns is very difficult. By using custom alerts, ranking scans, and social media monitoring, you can piece together how they run their campaigns and measure the success – but such a piecemeal approach can be a time sink.

This new part of Majestic SEO drops link data after 30-days. They process more data in shorter intervals to handle the new freshness factor. That means, you can plot/graph link data in a daily overview. Now, reverse engineering can be far less time-intensive and monitoring more sites will be far easier.

The Freshness Index is available to users subscribing to the Silver Plan or higher. However, free and Bronze Plan users are able to get a glimpse of the new feature now.


Seen in the image is a comparison of the links coming in for The top graph shows incoming links on a daily basis. The bottom graph, is the newly named “historical data” (remember, this monthly interval view snapshot is all we were able to see before) and now we have more ability to daily intervals.

Steve, Product Developer at MajesticSEO says, “We see the release of the Fresh Index as just the starting point in a new wave of tools and services to drive Majestic forwards. 2011 is becoming an exciting year for link intelligence.”

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