Yahoo Appealing Italian Court Decision

The Italian court had recently “found that Yahoo was liable for contributory copyright infringement for listing links to websites that hosted the film “About Elly” by director Asghar Farhadi.” PCWorld reported. But Yahoo has stated they will appeal the decision.
and won’t remove the links unless the company loses the case.

The Italian courts seem to be chasing the search engines out of their country. As we reported yesterday:

Meanwhile, Yahoo was found guilty of distributing a movie without authorization by linking to the site that was doing the distribution. “As for the reasoning behind the decision, it seems to focus on a stretch of an interpretation of the EU’s E-Commerce Directive, which indicates that a ‘caching provider’ has to block links to content once notified that it’s infringing. While the coverage is a bit unclear, it sounds like this is more difficult than a US-style DMCA notice-and-takedown regime, in that it appears that upon notice that some content is infringing, Yahoo isn’t supposed to just take down that particular link, but all links that can reach that content…

“Under European Union regulations, service providers are exempt from liability if their networks cache or transmit illegal or infringing content, but those organizations do have a duty to act to remove it. The directive, however, does not spell out how fast that is supposed to occur,” PCWorld reported.

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