Search Week in Review for April 9, 2011

Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of April 3 to 9, as reported by Search Engine Watch.

Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO: Tools and Approach by Adam Audette
Where do you start? What types of areas should you be investigating, and why? What factors really matter? What tools should you use? Your questions answered here.

A New Tool for Optimizing Page Speed: Google’s Page Speed Online by Greg Habermann
Google’s newly released tool is a nice, easy way for you to check the performance on any page from any device. Also, the new mobile suggestion is definitely a handy addition.

The SEO Industry Needs Some Reputation Management by Simon Heseltine
Scammers and spammers have helped turn SEO from a three-letter acronym into a four-letter word. It’s time to clear the good name of SEO and convince the public that SEO isn’t all dirty schemes cooked up by crooks and liars.

Checks and Balances in Ranking Signals by Eric Enge
Google +1 is part of a wide ranging network of social behavior signals that are designed to reshape Google’s ranking factors.

Search Advertising

Goodbye, AdWords Position Preference… We Hardly Knew Ye by Jeff Ferguson
If you were still using the AdWords Position Preference feature, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your current AdWords strategies.

iPad AdWords Targeting: Insights & Tips by Jason Tabeling
A look at if tablet users are more likely to convert than smartphones or desktops, and how user behavior and usage alters the way you think about your marketing approach.

Making That Leap From Search to Display by Roger Barnette
Display is growing more quickly than search, but search is still growing and is a larger segment than display. Search and display marketers must start to work more closely together to survive in the same ecosystem.

Google AdWords Gets Phone Number Support in US & Canada by Jonathan Allen
The Google AdWords team has responded to requests from users to provide phone support to it’s advertisers, in addition to the online and email support already available.

Google Chief Economist Supports Retiring Position Preference And Most Advertisers Should Too by Frank Watson
As of now the Google AdWords API does not support Position Preference and the option will be retired completely by early May.

Think With Google: Hey Everyone Gets Rich With AdWords by Frank Watson
Yesterday’s post on Google’s Inside AdWords blog gave a heavy pitch for offline sales from the impact of AdWords – the short video seems more like a ‘get rich quick’ infomercial than an informed case study.

Social Media Marketing

How to Entertain Your Facebook Fans by Kevin Gibbons
There are a number of ways to accumulate fans and none of them are easy. Here’s how to entertain those fans once you’ve built them up.

Twitter’s Improved Who To Follow Page Disappoints by Brent Rangen
Far behind third-party tools, like Mr. Tweet, Twitter finally has launched a user directory.

Twitter Muscles Tax Break From San Francisco To Keep HQ Local by Frank Watson
Wanting to keep the tech industry in town, the city of San Francisco Board of Supervisors with an 8-3 vote approved a proposed tax break for growing companies, but especially Twitter, if the companies move or stay in the Mid-Market and Tenderloin districts west of downtown.

Local & Mobile Search

Q&A with Foursquare’s Evan Cohen on Social, Local & Mobile by Michael Boland
Foursquare’s evolution, directions, monetization, and the collision of mobile and daily deals: a conversation with Foursquare GM Evan Cohen.

Bing for iPad – Touch and Decide by Thom Craver
With the tag line “Touch and Decide,” Bing has released an incredible new search app for iPad.

International Search

Managing SEO on a Global Scale by Guillaume Bouchard
Tips on how to obtain synergy and negotiate red tape when managing SEO efforts across different brands and offices in different locations or countries.

How to Test International Search Marketing Opportunities at Low Cost by Andy
Tips for businesses with limited resources on overcoming marketing challenges when taking expanding to new territories.

Google Falling Off the Map in China by Danny Goodwin
Google’s woes in China continue piling up. The latest: Google failed to submit an application for an Internet Content Provider mapping license by a March 31 deadline, and it now appears there is no future beyond July 1 for Google Maps in China.

Does Italy Really Want Search Engines? Recent Legal Rulings Suggest Not by Frank Watson
Google and Yahoo have felt the sting of the Italian courts recently and the numerous problems the engines seem to be having in the country almost suggests search engines are not welcome.

Yahoo Appealing Italian Court Decision by Frank Watson
The Italian court recently found Yahoo liable for contributory copyright infringement for listing links to websites that hosted a film. But Yahoo will appeal the decision and won’t remove the links unless the company loses the case.

Swiss Court Orders Google to Manually Blur Street View Images by Danny Goodwin
Google’s Street View mapping service infringes privacy, a Switzerland’s Federal Administrative Court has ruled. Google must blur all faces, license plates, and ensure the complete anonymity of people near sensitive facilities.

Google Fights France on Data Storage Rule by Danny Goodwin
Twenty-six Internet companies, including Google, tomorrow will lodge a complaint with France’s State Council, the country’s highest judical body, in opposition of a decree that forces sites to store users’ private data for a year.

Google Doodles: Vaclav Ctvrtek, Children’s Day by Danny Goodwin
Google has posted a Doodle on Google Czech Republic today in honor of a fairy tale writer, while Google Hong Kong and Taiwan are wishing visitors a happy Children’s Day.

The Search Industry

Google +1: What Does it Mean for Search Marketing? by Paul Burani
It might be the biggest announcement in the digital world in a very long time — but both Google and the search marketing community have more work to do to make the most of Google +1.

Google +1: Death of Facebook Like? by Kaila Strong
Has Google learned from the Buzz disaster and found something that can seriously rival the Facebook Like button? A look at some of the implications of Google +1 on organic and paid search, plus user intent.

Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share by Eli Goodman
An investigation into whether affinity for a particular browser makes you more or less likely to engage with certain search engines and if the default browser search options makes a difference.

Google and Bing: A Look at Social Strategy by Thom Craver
Both Google and Bing have been making changes as of recent, each in their own way.

Sun Officially Sets on AlltheWeb Search by Danny Goodwin
All searches are now being redirected to Yahoo search, which is powered by Bing.

The Exodus In Digital Age: Google Your Way by Frank Watson
Digital company has created a clever view of the exodus with Moses if done in the digital age. It is a comedic look at how we use the web to find our ways.

Google News

Google Cleared to Buy ITA by Danny Goodwin
Seems a Department of Justice proposed settlement has appeased all sides of the Google-ITA acquisition debate. The deal, 9 months in the making, will see Google develop and license travel software that would be available to rivals to avoid falling into the realm of anti-competitive.

Google FTC Antitrust Probe Rumors Emerge as ITA Verdict Nears by Danny Goodwin
Google could face a major U.S. Federal Trade Commission antitrust investigation after the Justice Department completes its review of Google’s acquisition of travel software developer ITA Software and determines whether to challenge or impose restrictions on the deal.

Big Google Executive Shakeup: Larry Page Reorganizes Team by Danny Goodwin
Six executives were promoted to senior vice presidents and will now run their individual business units, reporting directly to CEO Larry Page.

Larry Page Gambling on Social With All Google Employee Bonuses? by Danny Goodwin
If Google’s social ambitions fail, Google employees will have smaller bonuses this year. CEO Larry Page reportedly sent out an internal memo Friday to all employees informing them that 25 percent of their bonus will be tied to the success or failure of Google’s social products — even if they aren’t directly involved on Google’s social products

Larry’s First Day: Exec. Quits, Spends $900M – Grade? Maybe +1 by Frank Watson
Larry Page took over CEO duties at Google again yesterday and what a busy day it was for the creator of PageRank.

Google Senior VP Rosenberg Stepping Down After ‘9 Short Years’ by Danny Goodwin
Unable to make a long-term, multi-year commitment to Google, Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management, will leave Google within the coming months.

Google News Layout Testing A More Social Layout by Thom Craver
A new look for Google News is appearing in the wild.

North Korean Officials Tour Google HQ by Danny Goodwin
A group of 12 “mid-ranking” officials from North Korea secretly visited Google’s Mountain View headquarters Friday morning. The 100 minute tour, which began around 10 a.m., was neither announced ahead of time nor open for media coverage.

Google Industrial Espionage: They Have A Mole At Twitter! by Frank Watson
Seems Google is getting information about senior employees being recruited by Twitter, in order to make counter offers,

Great Ice Cream Sundae War Celebrated By Google Doodle by Jonathan Allen
Everyone loves Sundays, but this Sunday is particularly special as Google is celebrating the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae.

Video Marketing

YouTube Filter & Explore Update: Stealthier Than A Google Panda by Greg Jarboe
The Google Panda update set off fireworks on February 24. But an even bigger change to YouTube search results has slipped under the radar despite the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine.

YouTube Goes Live! Live streaming starts 7pm by Jonathan Allen
YouTube has such massive reach now that it can operate like a traditional broadcaster, meaning they can invest in original programming and beginning today, streaming live events.

Report: YouTube to Spend $100 Million on Original Programs for New Channels by Danny Goodwin
YouTube is reportedly ready to spend $100 million to develop original ad-supported programming to populate about 20 new niche “channels,”

Search News & Headlines Around the Web

SES Conference & Expo

SES Toronto 2011: This is NOT Your Father’s Oldsmobile by Greg Jarboe
Here are the new conference sessions will be held this June that weren’t held at last year’s SES event at the Hyatt Regency Toronto.

3 Ways Get More Twitter Followers Via @Compete #SESNY Tweetwall by Jonathan Allen
You might want to connect with attendees from SES New York, via our Tweetwall which was sponsored by Compete.

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