Google Wants Users To Confirm Business Listings

David Mihm noted that Google Maps listings for businesses now include overlays asking if they are still operating, in the case of unclaimed or Places pages that may no longer be operating. Interesting they do not have a program to check if 0the phone number is working.

But this method of having users provide the answers is not a new one for Google and its new CEO Larry Page who decided to create a forum for users to help one another instead of manning help stations.

The overlay below asks if this place is still in business: Yes, No, Don’t Know. Answer and you get a note above the map that your answer has been recorded.


You have to click the close box in the right hand corner to remove the listing.


Obviously Google is not taking the first answer as correct, though it would be interesting to know what number of responses need to be done to make the decision for Google.

Mihm looks at this new feature and wonders what gets Google to add the question. He found that when a Google user used the word former and closed references impact. Now you can impact your competition by just questioning if they are open?

Google seems to be a little too lazy on this one. You make enough money from our usage, come on guys spend a little and get these things right.

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