SearchDay: Back To Roots Edition – May 18, 2011

With the new Search Engine Watch design we have retired the name SearchDay for our newsletters, which are now called SEW Daily and SEW Weekly. What you may have noticed in the newsletters is that we have removed the “around the web” section which always featured at the bottom of the old newsletter design.

searchdayMany users said they found that section interesting and useful, so instead, we have decided to take SearchDay back to it’s roots in 2001, which was a regular blog post summarizing the daily goings-on on the web. The name SearchDay is now reserved for our daily round up of what is going on in the web – but now with commentary.

As you can see below, today we’re experimenting by adding one sentence explanations to help you get a quick snapshot of what is going on.

So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of today’s other search news and headlines from around the web.


PPC agency Periscopix have noticed that outlines denoting the area of U.K. post code and U.S. ZIP codes are appearing in UK searches of Google Maps.

Eric Schmidt compares blocking access to illicit filesharing sites such as PirateBay to China blocking websites via the Great Firewall and says that Google will challenge UK government plans to fight piracy (such as the Digital Economy Act).

Google expanding Mountain View offices across Highway 101.

Google strikes biggest letting deal this year in London, to grab huge West End office space.

ALM award Google Legal team honored as “Best Legal Department 2011” for audacity.

Quick guide to SEO for Bing and the “little differences” to succeed there.

Yahoo hope to expand their “premium inventory” with their publishing partners.

Bing-centric breakdown of why social is important to small businesses.

Yahoo search trends in advance of Memorial day.

Yahoo working with Microsoft to fix Yahoo Mail problems on Windows mobile devices.

Advertising industry self regulation empowered by merger.

Advice on how to improve your internal search engine.


Google make it much easier to remove URLs from it’s index.

Search agencies struggling to help Pharma execs, ‘get it’.

Advice on how to construct a keyword led editorial plan.

Matt Cutts answers questions.


How to use Excel formulas and functions to build a more effective PPC account, more quickly.

Interesting considerations to troubleshoot PPC problems ahead of a rebrand.

Convoluted and meandering explanation of Bing for SMBs.


Facebook loosen marketing policies to create opportunities for alcohol, gasoline, gambling and even firearm brands.

This parrot is dead? No it’s not. It’s pining. Pining for… geo-targeted clicks to boost advertiser results.

Twitter introduce clearer and more informative permission screens for users to connect to Twitter Apps. Very nice.

A useful primer on the need to get your head around the future of location based marketing.

Analysis of the Presidential Race 2012 and how it reflects in online stats, such as mentions search in search terms.


Track the extent of the destruction caused by the recent Mississippi River floods.


Better CTR on mobile search according to Efficient Frontier. But lower conversion rates. No big surprises here.

Authenitication tokens being sent over the air unecrypted is being fixed for non-gingerbread devices.


Promoted videos move from a Cost-per-click (CPC) to a Cost-per-View (CPV) model. Advertisers will get charged at the point that a click leads to an actual video view.

YouTube engage users in video debates. Listen to two sides of an argument on debated by members of congress and show your support with clicks.


Many thanks to SEW Associate Editor, Danny Goodwin, for curating these links for commentary.

Do you like this format? Let us know in the comments if you want to see more of this!

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