Google Guitar Heroes Help Keep Les Paul Doodle Alive

Yesterday’s Les Paul Google Guitar Doodle, which got an encore today, has caused such a storm of creativity around the web that Google are considering whether to make it a permanent fixture.

Celebrities and amateurs alike have been strumming out their tunes and posting videos of their ‘performance’ to YouTube. Some sing along and some blend their rendition against clips from the original music video. One impressive performance of Billy Jean plays combines riffs from 3 doodles, to combine melody, rhythm and bass.


This Google Doodle has been so popular that Ryan Germick, the Google Team Lead behind the project, told Rolling Stone “Our engineers are working on a way to keep the guitar Doodle alive. I think it will continue to see life.”

Let’s hope so! If you think you can be a Google Guitar Hero like our picks of the best we have found listed below (in no particular order), then you might also want to checkout Huffington Post’s How-to guide to the Google Guitar.

1. Billy Jean, Michael Jackson

2. Fast Car, Tracy Chapman

3. Paparazzi, Lady Gaga

4. Kings Of Leon, Blink 182 & Others

5. Tubular Bells, Chocolate Rain & The Exorcist Theme

6. Disney Songs

7. Star Spangled Banner

8. Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine composes his own ditty

9. Hey Jude, The Beatles

10. Redemption Song, Bob Marley

Seen any better performances that didn’t make this list? Leave a link in the comments and we’ll update this post with the best. Happy strumming!

Update: The Les Paul Google Guitar can now be played here.

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