Google Product Extensions Make It to Mobile

Google’s Product Extensions, as well as several additional integrated extensions, have been a popular tool for Google advertisers over the last year and a half. Now both the Product Extension Ads and its sister-format, Product Local Ads, have made their way to mobile advertising..

Product Extension: The Nuts and Bolts

Google Product Extensions MobileHave you ever done a search for a product on Google and had some of the ads come back with pictures, pricing data, and the names of specific products related to your search? Well, that’s “Product Extension Ads” at work.

Released in November 2009, this ad format is specifically designed for local searches. Users can be sent directly to product pages where they can purchase the item online.

To further enhance the visuals of Product Extension Ads, Google also released Product Local Ads, which is currently in beta. Product Local Ads lets webmasters indicate what products they currently have in stock.

On the mobile platform, webmasters get a couple extra advantages with these extensions: The content is all optimized for the smartphone or other mobile device being used (see the image) and, most importantly, Product Local Ads will allow your advertisement to appear to users who are physically near your store’s location. The data is pulled from the user’s current location as registered by their smartphone when access to that data is granted by the user.

Adding Mobile Product Extensions to Your Account

The advantages of having visual ads that are highly targeted to people who are physically nearby should be obvious (and, if it’s not, please just take our word for it). If it sounds like your cup of tea, here’s the guided walk-through on adding the two new mobile ad formats to your account.

We’ll start with the Google Merchant Center, as Google requires you to connect your AdWords and Merchant Center for the extensions to become available. These directions assume that you’ve already set up both an AdWords and a Merchant Center account.

Linking Your Accounts

  1. Log into your Google AdWords account and locate your AdWords Customer ID (located in the top-right corner of every page, just below your login address).
  2. Write down or copy (CTRL + C) this ID.
  3. Log into your Merchant Center.
  4. Go to Settings > AdWords.
  5. Write in or paste (CTRL + V) your AdWords ID.
  6. Click “add.”

Now that your accounts are connected, you’ll need to enable the extensions themselves.

Adding the Extensions

  1. Log into Google AdWords as normal.
  2. Go into the campaign where you want extensions displayed.
  3. Go to the Ad extensions tab, then select “Products.”
  4. Check the box next to “Extend my ads with relevant …”
  5. When prompted to select a Merchant Center account, choose the Merchant Center account you just linked.

Got all that? OK, just one more step. You’ll need to apply to the beta program for Local Product Extensions. You can find the full directions on doing so here.

Enjoy your new mobile extensions!

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