PPCResources for Learning About PPC

Resources for Learning About PPC

A guide to useful resources from the "big three" search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) that will help anybody working in PPC – newbie or seasoned hand – continue learning, keep up to date on changes, or refresh their knowledge.

Google Bing Yahoo logosI’ve previously written about how to keep up to date in search and offered tips for paid search newbies. This time I’m focusing on resources from the search engines that will help anybody working in PPC – newbie or seasoned hand – continue learning or refresh their knowledge.

Official Google PPC Resources

Google has a plethora of blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages publishing information and offering tips and advice every day – alongside their static support pages and Google Groups.

Fortunately somebody at Google has noticed and there’s a directory of the official Twitter, Facebook, blog and YouTube presences of the search giant in their press section.

PPC Blogs

The blogs to note are: the overall search blog Inside Search, which features updates to search result layout and other interface changes, Inside AdWords, the Agency Blog, the Merchant Blog (if you’re using Product Extensions), and the Google Analytics blog. Most of these have accompanying Twitter and Facebook presences if you prefer to receive updates that way or interact.

PPC Videos

Google also have a number of YouTube channels introducing how to achieve specific tasks in AdWords and Analytics – again there’s a whole section in the directory via the above link. The notable ones are the Business Channel, which covers Analytics, AdWords and related topics; the Google Analytics channel; and Think with Google, which features videos from Google events and talks about business verticals or topics.

PPC Webinars and Seminars

Google also offers online webinars about AdWords topics in an online classroom, which can be viewed live or afterwards, and well as physical training sessions, (which have a small cost, unless you’re invited by a Google rep).

PPC Resource Collections

Google also maintain a number of sites that collate resources around topics / types of advertiser – including the Agency Support Area, Small Business Center, and Google for Advertisers, which spans all of their advertising products.

PPC Support and FAQ Pages

Alongside all of these resources, there are also the standard FAQs and support pages – AdWords Help including a beginner’s guide, a list of current known issues with AdWords, help pages for Merchant Center, and for Promoted Videos on YouTube.

PPC Google Certification

Google’s exams across AdWords and Analytics are a topic for a post in themselves. Even if you’re not taking the exams, the Learning Center is a good reference work for AdWords in particular.

Bing and Yahoo PPC Resources

Microsoft have a well established resource center for adCenter and their other ad products with the adCenter blog and forums, as well as beginner’s guide and help pages. There’s also a Bing Search blog.

Yahoo’s help offering is comparatively limited – and only now relevant outside the U.S., given the Search Alliance.

Alongside the official resources, there are of course multiple blogs and sites with more advice, news, and videos – many of which are included in my earlier article about staying up to date in search.


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