New Search App Could Make Hooking Up A Lot Easier

Single men and women are always looking for that bar with the right percentage of potential partners. Well, SceneTap is the app that can tell you the ratio of men to women at participating bars and save you a lot of time traveling around looking by yourself.

SceneTap“A software company has developed an app which lets you check how many men and women are at a bar before you go there. The start-up has installed facial recognition software at the entrances to bars and clubs and keeps a real-time count on the number of men and women there,” the Daily Mail reported.

The free app uses facial recognition software to determine the number of men and women in a bar, allowing users to pick the location that will improve their chances of meeting someone. It shows how many men and women are at a bar, displayed as a total number and a ratio, which is the knowledge most singles search for when they go out.

The app uses facial recognition software installed at the bar entrances to determine the men-to-women ratio. No pictures are transmitted, just the numbers.

Unsurprisingly, there have been some privacy issue complaints about this type of app. Fears of stalking are somewhat allayed by the fact that no personal information is being used in the app, however, women are already extremely uncomfortable with the idea of voluntarily broadcasting their own location. As noted by Amber Mac at SES Toronto, 66% of women don’t check in with Foursquare due to the “creepiness factor.” Simply put, many women don’t want to constantly publicize where they are out of concern for their safety. Arguably, an app such as SceneTap does not give women much of a choice.

SceneTap CEO, Cole Harper said he, “came up with the idea while bar-hopping, spending a lot of money on cabs, getting somewhere and not having it be a good time,” the Daily Mail reported. The core idea is that this could come in handy for singles who do not want to join a bar full of men watching sports.

So far the company has signed up 200 bars in the US – more than 50 in Chicago – and plan on launching the app in July. This could prove to be a popular way to promote a bar, which presumably is what the company is hoping bar owners will realize – as they are expected to install the hardware themselves.

Do you think this app will be a hit with the bars; or a miss with the ladies?

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