June 2011 Search Engine Market Share from comScore, Hitwise

Bing was the only search engine to see its share of searches increase in June 2011 as has seen 41 percent year-over-year growth, according to the latest comScore figures. Here’s a look at comScore’s rankings, as well as U.S. search engine market share stats from Hitwise.


  • Google held steady at 65.5 percent (up from 65.4 percent in April).
  • Yahoo held steady at 15.9 percent for the second straight month.
  • Bing grew to 14.4 percent (up from 14.1 percent in May)
  • Ask held steady at 2.9 percent.
  • AOL fell to 1.4 percent (down from 1.5 percent).

The number of searches decreased by 2 percent, falling to 16.7 billion in June, down from 17 billion searches conducted in May. Google ranked first with 11.1 billion searches (down 2 percent vs. May); Yahoo had 2.6 billion searches (down 2 percent), Bing had 2.4 billion (even), Ask Network had 478 million (down 5 percent), and AOL had 239 million (down 6 percent).

On “powered by” organic searches, Google’s monthly share dropped to 67.6 percent (down from 67.8 percent in May) while Bing’s share grew to 26.6 percent (up from 26.5 percent).

Experian Hitwise

Hitwise Search Market Share June 2011

Bing saw the biggest gains according to Hitwise’s stats, which are based on searches conducted for the four weeks ending July 2, 2011 and are taken from Hitwise’s Search Engines Data Center:

  • Google: Fell to 67.55 percent (down from 67.95 percent).
  • Bing: Grew to 14.64 percent (up from 13.80 percent).
  • Yahoo: Fell to 13.28 percent (down from 13.63 percent).
  • Ask: Fell to 2.62 percent (down from 2.64 percent).
  • AOL: Fell to 1.33 percent (down from 1.38 percent).

The five most visited sites from search engines in this period were Facebook (9.33 percent); YouTube (5.03 percent); Gmail (2.76 percent); Google (1.40 percent); and Wikipedia (1.12 percent). Facebook received the largest percentage of visits (11.03 percent), with Google in second (9.53 percent), and YouTube third (4.07 percent).

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