In China, Baidu Continues Search Market Domination Over Google

Baidu logoGoogle’s share of China’s 4.3 billion yuan ($665.9 milllion) search market dropped once again in Q2, according to numerous reports citing data from consulting firm Analysys International. China’s search market grew 62 percent in Q2.

While Google’s share fell from 19.2 percent to 18.9 percent, Baidu’s share grew to 75.9 percent, up slightly from 75.8 percent in Q1.

Google has been in decline since redirecting its searches to Hong Kong after censorship battles and with the government following Gmail hacking accusations. In 2009, Google had 35.6 percent of China’s search market, when Baidu held 58.4 percent. Google earlier this year also accused China of a Gmail phishing attack and blocking access to Gmail accounts.

Things aren’t totally bleak for Google in China, however. Google’s Android operating system runs on about half of all new smartphones sold – roughly 5 million units per quarter – although Baidu is the default search engine on 80 percent of these phones and Google doesn’t have an official Android store, NASDAQ notes.

Meanwhile, search engine Sohu’s Sogou grew from 1.5 percent to 2.4 percent and Soso grew about half a percentage point (Soso’s exact share was not reported). Reuters noted that the chief executive of Sogou aims to overtake Google by market share in China within a year – obviously they have a long way to go.

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