Business Guide to Facebook Launches

Facebook For Business Landing PageFacebook has launched Facebook for Business, a new resource hub dedicated to helping businesses get started and optimize their brand on Facebook. The new resource center presents preexisting features in a way that will make businesses understand what Facebook features and properties are available and relevant to utilize.

Launched Tuesday, Facebook for Business attempts to lay out a clear, concise, and easy-to-follow guide for businesses, making the problem of over-optimizing a thing of the past. The resource center brings value to business owners, employees tasked to handle social media, and marketers looking for science and statistics to sell and educate regarding Facebook services.

Facebook for Business goes offers a simplistic but useful guide to its various resources, including:

  • Fan Pages, along with a conversation calendar resource, Facebook Pages Optimization Guide, and Facebook Insights Guide.
  • Claiming Your Place, something every business should do.
  • Making Your Website Social – open graph, plugins, and widgets.
  • Engagement, including resources for learning how to #win on Facebook
  • Advertising, with many resources to ad optimization, targeting, and insights.
  • Sponsored Stories, also offering a sponsored story guide.
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Success Stories
  • Personalized Mobile Experience
  • Facebook Credits

Much like Google’s AdWords Express, Facebook for Business aims to attract more advertising revenue from SMBs and local businesses looking to grow their business.

For social media marketers, perhaps this guide may make for a few less Facebook messes to clean up later on.

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