iOS Has Higher Ad CTR Than Android [Study]

A recent study from Jumptap gives insights into how the users of different smartphones interact with advertisements. iOS devices have a strong lead in ad click-through rate (CTR), while Android places fourth.

The Jumptap Statistics

Jumptap releases a regular statistical analysis of what’s going on in mobile. A lot of the news isn’t new, exactly. It’s a “more of the same” update telling us that Android is still in the lead, that iOS is still doing pretty well, and WP7 still may as well go die in a fire.

However, the most recent Mobile STAT also examined some areas that haven’t seen much attention. That includes CTR based on smartphone operating system.


As you can see, iOS isn’t just winning – it’s killing. At 0.78 percent, iOS gets 37 percent more clicks than the second place competitor. And that second place competitor isn’t Android. Android OS is getting beaten by both the “Other” category and Symbian. At 0.47 percent CTR, Android has 40 percent fewer clicks than iOS.

It’s not clear if some of this may be due to Apple’s success on tablets. Certainly, tablets could increase the overall CTR, but the study doesn’t indicate whether tablets were examined, and Jumptap has yet to respond to my queries. The study does offer a different explanation, however.

“The uniformity of the iPhone’s browsing and app experiences generates higher advertising interaction,” reads the study. “Updates of the Android and Blackberry OS platforms should strive for the same seamless experience.”

Will that happen? Not likely.

Much of what has given Android its market dominance is its open nature, which can then be adapted to a variety of cell-phone types. Apple holds its consistency by owning both the hardware and software elements. The evidence indicates Google’s idea of opening up to a variety of handsets was the winning choice. However, not every handset is a winner.


Jumptap also showed that the manufacturer of the phone made a monumental difference. With the leader (Sony Ericsson, at .54 percent CTR) more than doubling the last place manufacturer (HTC, at .21 percent CTR), it’s clear that the companies would do well to take a look at which designs are yielding the best results in ads.

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