Snoop Dogg Tries Tweeting His Way to C-Level J.O.B. with Yahoo

Snoop Dogg Wants to be Yahoo CEORap superstar Snoop Dogg wants a piece of the newly available CEO action over at Yahoo. Shortly after Carol Bartz was unceremoniously fired over the phone, Snoop tweeted, “Im takn over as tha CEO of Yahoo. Need sum of tha Snoop Dogg content ya digg. Nuff Said.”

A brand new account claiming to be that of CFO and interim CEO Tim Morse replied, “@SnoopDogg Haha Snoop Dog, sorry that position is already filled I enjoy listening to your music on @Yahoo_Music available,” and “@LunaMagic10 @SnoopDogg This is a good suggestion but the position is filled, if he was considering working with Yahoo! he should call us.” Which, if it really is Tim Morse (highly doubtful, calls to Yahoo for confirmation not returned at time of publication), would be wonderfully ironic considering Yahoo’s method of dismissal for Bartz was one notch classier than breaking up with someone via Post-It note.

Snoop’s been showing off his mad branding skillz all day, tweeting and retweeting potential names for the D.O. Double-G-led tech company: Yahood, Y A H Double OO, Yahoez, and Yah-dig among the contenders. But does he really have what it takes to turn the ailing tech-media-currently-in-identity-crisis-mode company around?

Snoop Dogg Yahoo Smoke

Perhaps Yahoo should not be so quick to dismiss the offer. The Doggfather has a number of sought after skillz to bring to the table:

  • Puff, Puff, Pass – Snoop is clearly a team player.
  • Ain’t Nut’in Personal – Always a good quality in a professional.
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot – Yahoo could stand some advice on when to let go of things that just aren’t working.
  • The City Is In Good Hands – If we can trust him with an entire city, Yahoo’s totally safe.
  • Lay Low – His ability to do so might be a welcome respite from Bartz’s in-your-face communication style.
  • Balls of Steel – Again, a required trait at the C-level.
  • Gz Up, Hoes Down – This is just the kind of can-do attitude Yahoo needs right now.

Is it appropriate to indicate your interest in a position via Twitter? Some may not think so, but I actually secured my last position by answering a company’s tweet soliciting resumes. In the tech world, at least, it’s not a faux pas; you use the tools you have to find the candidates you need, when and where you can reach them.

Yahoo would have to be crazy to pass up this offer. At least this candidate knows how to use technology and social media, if not spellcheck.

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