Yandex Rolls Out Infinite Scrolling as ‘10 More Answers’


Russian search engine Yandex has changed the 10 blue links experience for its users. Starting Monday, Yandex unveiled a new experience, with a new twist on the infinite scrolling concept.

At the bottom of each set of 10 results is a button labeled “10 more answers”. While this retrieves the next 10 search results, it keeps the original 10 and continues on. This allows users to scroll up and down as the page grows with more results.

Yandex’s search box also stays at the top of the redrawn page, persisting while you scroll. As opposed to going to a new page, the infinite scroll feature allows Yandex users to simply add 10 more results to the page they are currently viewing. Numerical pagination also exists for those who prefer to only see 10 results, regardless of page.

Speaking to Search Engine Watch this week, Nadya Kuprina, PR Manager at Yandex, noted the change was designed to facilitate the searching experience for users.

“According to our stats, one-third of our users browse through our search results pages at least once a week,” Kuprina said. “About 20 percent of these users go back to the pages they have already seen, with 10 percent of these users viewing up to 10 pages.”

Clearly Yandex users have more patience to search through multiple pages of results than typical U.S. searchers do. Yandex owns nearly two-thirds of all search traffic in Russia, but has yet to make solid head roads into the U.S. search share.

Currently, the infinite scroll feature is only available on the site. Yandex plans to implement the infinite scroll function internationally, but wouldn’t reveal when. Google, meanwhile, continues infinite scrolling tests of their own. Pennsylvania-based DuckDuckGo is currently the only other search engine to use the infinite scroll interface.

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