Facebook Best Social Media Network for Brand Interaction [Study]

The majority of Internet users don’t use any of the popular social media networks at all to interact with their favorite brands; so says a CBM Consumer Pulse study supported by Constant Contact. Of those who do, however, 34 percent prefer to use Facebook.


The “10 Quick Facts You Should Know About Consumer Behavior on Facebook” report analyzes data collected via an online panel, from 1,491 American consumers over the age of 18. The study finds that 52 percent of respondents spend more than one hour a week on Facebook. Surprisingly, an average of almost 13 percent across all age brackets are heavy users, spending more than 11 hours per week on the most popular social media networking site.

Online communities/forums/bulletin boards came in a distant second as most preferred networks for interaction with favorite brands, at just 9 percent. Blogs and Twitter tied for third at 4 percent. Consumers under 35 were the best represented age group of those who prefer to use Facebook; 56 percent of these people use it to interact with their favorite brands.


Other useful takeaways from this study:

  • 78 percent of those who “Like” a brand on Facebook are fans of fewer than 10 brands; engagement is real. 
  • More than half of fans are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan. 
  • Users spend 45 percent of their time on Facebook in the news feed. 
  • Consumers most often “Like” brand pages because they are already a customer (58 percent) or want to receive discounts and promotions (57 percent). Less than a third are looking for exclusive information about the brand.
  • 76 percent of people have never “Unliked” a brand page. 
  • More than half of fans are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a Facebook fan. 
  • Brand interaction is most often a passive activity; 77 percent of fans read posts, news feeds, and offers posted by the brand, while only 30 percent share their experiences and news stories or post about the brand.

Facebook is testing a new display format for Sponsored Stories that may help companies tap into the power of those 30 percent who do share brand news and reviews. The feature is only available to select users at this point and appears in the news feed ticker on the right side of the page. All Facebook reports that in test cases, Sponsored Stories become visible in the ticker when users return to their Facebook home page from elsewhere online, immediately after interacting with their main news feed, and randomly while they’re browsing Facebook.

Online marketers must also be conscientious about what they’re posting, when, and where, as demonstrated in Applum’s recent study of the effect of publishing via third-party APIs on Facebook user engagement.

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