Mobile Landing Page Quality Now Affects AdWords Quality Score On Mobile Ads

Google wants you to get your website optimized for mobile users and they’ve just introduced an incentive for you to do so. Today, after Google’s afternoon webinar  “From Why to How” on mobile optimization, they announced that within weeks, mobile optimization will be a factor in ad quality for Adwords campaigns driving mobile search traffic.

We know what this means for Google: mobile use is exploding and keeping users on-site longer, clicking ads, is great for their bottom line. But why should you care?

Advertisers with a higher quality score get a lower cost per click and better ad placement. Who doesn’t want more traffic at a lower cost? If that’s not enough reason to optimize your site for mobile, look to user experience; you don’t want to drive potential customers away if they can’t access your content when and where they’re visiting, especially with the holiday shopping season looming on the horizon.

How to Get Optimized for Mobile

Google offered a few broad suggestions to help webmasters get started with mobile optimization:

  • Keep the layout simple
  • Design for thumbs, not mice
  • Prioritize content
  • Use uniquely mobile features
  • Make it easy to convert

Google Sites also has a feature called Mobilize, launched earlier this year, to help webmasters create mobile optimized landing pages. This latest announcement comes hot on the heels of Google’s decision to show +1s as social endorsements of products and brands on web and mobile display ads.

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