SEOConductor Examines SEO Technology Impact on On-Page Auditing [STUDY]

Conductor Examines SEO Technology Impact on On-Page Auditing [STUDY]

A study by SEO software company Conductor, examines professionals’ on-page auditing practices and attitudes towards SEO technology. Are you auditing often enough or is there an opportunity for a greater share of natural search traffic?

Conductor just released the second part of their Unoptimized SEO series, How SEOs are Missing out on Natural Search Traffic by Neglecting On-Page Auditing. The first report demonstrated that technology reconfigures the SEOs focus, allowing them to be more strategic and concentrate on growth by automating manual tasks that eat up their time. In this second study, Conductor examines SEO professionals’ on-page auditing behavior and their attitudes toward SEO technology.

In the first part of this study, they conducted several experiments that simulated auditing 100 to 500 pages using one of three methods: manual auditing, semi-automatic software, or a fully automated SEO platform. Not surprisingly, this initial experiment showed that the SEO platform was several hundred times more efficient and required far less in man-hours.

Conductor On Page Audit Time Results

Conductor then surveyed 46 SEO pros in an effort to understand if their actual on-page auditing behavior resulted in optimal page visibility. While 48 percent reported they believed they were auditing as frequently as needed, three quarters audited their pages less than once a week; over 50 percent audited less than twice per month.

In an examination of over 11,000 web pages, though, Conductor found that 85 percent changed more than once a week. They point to a disparity between audit frequency and the actual rate of web page change that suggests SEOs could do more to maximize natural search visibility.

Conductor On Page Audit Frequency Results

A few key findings from Conductor’s analysis:

  • The mismatch between auditing frequency and the rate of web page change leaves opportunities on the table.
  • Up to four full time resources are needed to manually audit 500 pages.
  • Manual or semi-automatic auditing is costly and can result in a narrower view of the on-page landscape.
  • 87 percent of SEOs surveyed believe they would be more effective at on-page auditing with automated technology.
  • 28 percent of respondents said they would audit more frequently but lack the tools to do so.
  • 35-45 percent of auditing must still be done manually when using semi-automated software.

In August, Conductor updated their Enterprise SEO platform, Searchlight, to track Google +1s in addition to social metrics through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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