Google Hypes Black Eyed Peas Google+ Hangout on Homepage


Google’s homepage is advertising that tonight at 6 p.m., Google+ users can hang out with the Black Eyed Peas. This is strange considering millions visit Google every day but Google Hangouts are limited to 10 people, and’s previous Hangout shut out a lot of frustrated fans.

Google has been using its valuable homepage space more frequently of late – to promote Google Offers, announce that Google+ had opened to everyone (also adding a large blue arrow), and most recently to announce the arrival of CityVille on Google+ Games. This is the first time Google has promoted an individual’s Google+ account.

This will be the second time has done a Google+ Hangout, which is Google’s term for video chat. In his last 27-minute hangout on Sept. 21, referred to Google CEO Larry Page and co-founder Sergey Brin, among others in tech, as “rock stars” for providing technology that connects people globally.

On’s Google+ profile, he touts tonight’s hangout as the “very first online backstage onstage web cam session.” He also wrote, “lets see how many people will join in on the backstage and onstage hangout…lets re-define concerts, interaction, webcam’n, lets have fun…”

Still, I gotta feeling you might have a better chance of winning the lottery. As one Google+ user commented last time: “what is point of people at google to invite the world to hang out when only a few people can get in.”

The hangout will take place before the Black Eyed Peas perform at the Concert 4 NYC in Central Park, with an expected audience of 50,000 people. Proceeds from the concert go to Robin Hood, a New York-based poverty-fighting organization.

Also interesting, considering Google’s hardline stance on real names, that (pretty sure it says William James Adams Jr. on his birth certificate) gets advertising space rather than a warning that his name is in violation of Google+ identity policies. In fact, has a verified name account.

A couple hours ago, was in 266,444 people’s circles The Next Web reported. As of publishing this story, that number has grown to 272,362.

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