Google Opens Dynamic Search Ads Program

Google has announced a new feature for AdWords called Dynamic Search Ads. With Dynamic Search Ads, Google will index your site frequently for changes, take the keywords from your website, and generate a highly dynamic search ad based on search queries in Google that you don’t have set up in AdWords.


Google will dynamically generate a headline based on what was searched on Google. This would be totally separate from your other campaigns and if a keyword was searched that you were already bidding it would not be eligible to show. It would compete normally in AdWords with other people competing for that particular keyword or keyword phrase.

One important thing to note about this is that that you write the body of the ad while they dynamically insert the headline of the ad.

It’s estimated that 16 percent of search queries that happen on Google each day have never been searched before. Dynamic Search Ads helps with all the random searches each day by allowing advertisers a new way to target relevant searches to their website with dynamic ads that are generated from your website content.

Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads

Google hopes to achieve “broader exposure” with this tactic and help you to get more targeted people coming to your website. In my opinion this is another ploy to make more money over helping people out, but it’s a step in the right direction and at least they are helping people at the same time. Google is reporting that advertisers in their pilot program are seeing a 5-10 percent increase in clicks and conversions while getting an overall positive ROI.

Lawrence Cotter, General Manager at said: “Using Dynamic Search Ads increased conversions by almost 50% with an average cost-per-conversion that’s 73% less than our traditional search ads. Dynamic Search Ads are doing a really good job finding the right searches to tap into, creating good ads, and getting visitors to the most relevant page on our site.”

With the new Dynamic Search Ads you are in control of your ads. If you want them showing for your whole site you can. You can even drum it down to a specific page within your website.

I’m looking forward to promoting pages within the site that contain certain words that I put in there. I can basically target any page or pages with certain keywords in them.

This should help very large clients that have thousands of pages that don’t want to sift through all of them to find which pages they want to promote. Now they can give Google the keywords to look for in their site. Google will dynamically put up ads based on the content that is on those pages.

Reporting will remain the same as any other campaign. You will be able to see everything and compare it with current AdWords data. You will still be able to adjust your max CPC bids and negatives. Many third party tracking systems are supported, although it sounds like there may be problems with a few.

If you would like to sign up for the beta program, you can join by contacting your Google representative or sign up here. Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get in right this second and as of right now no expected date has been released when they will open this up to everyone.

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