SEOHow to Develop Link Marketing Ideas

How to Develop Link Marketing Ideas

With these strategies, your company could be coming up with new link building ideas on a recurring basis. Just remember to keep an open mind, and be creative. Here's the inside scoop on how to come up with successful link building ideas.

chess-winComing up with an idea to get people to link to your site can be challenging, whether you’re looking for a story idea, developing an online tool, or wanting to do something humorous. Yet there are strategies to find new ideas on a regular basis.

The trick with many of these techniques is to approach it with a very open mind, and creatively. If that’s not your strength – consider having someone else assist.

Let’s explore some strategies.

Keyword Trends

One method to find ideas is to look at recent trends, and take advantage of them. You can find trends with Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends, and other such tools. Here you really have to keep your mind open. It also helps if you’re willing to have fun with an idea.

One way to benefit from trends is with humor. Let’s say gas prices start going up quickly and it’s a breakout trend on Yahoo Buzz. Have someone create a funny T-shirt about it. Then run a contest to give 20 of those T-shirts away. Use your audience on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the contest.

The added benefit of this is all the social media engagement you will gain.

Discussion Forums

Another strategy is online forums. They’re full of ideas for someone will to invest the time. Have someone read through the popular threads for common problems people are talking about. Then develop something to assist with the problem. This could be anything from an online tool to a iPhone app to a how to guide.

The other way to use forums is to post a carefully constructed questions. Perhaps you’re in the travel industry, and want to do a posting of the best places to eat. With forums you can find out from the locals where they like to eat, and get quotes to use at the same time.

Consumer Review Sites

Like forums these are filled with sources of ideas. Have someone go through them looking for common complaints. Then find a way to offer a solution to the problem, or perhaps turn it into a source of ideas for a cartoon series. Sticking with the travel example. One could start a cartoon series about funny travel experiences abroad.

Don’t limit yourself to reviews for your industry. Look at reviews in neighboring industries with the same demographics as yours.

Keyword Research

Use your favorite keyword research tool to find link building ideas. Look for a problem, or something that could be turned into humor. Put in your keywords with phrases like “problem”, “fix”, “tips”, and “how to”. That way you can see the demand for the phrase. Creating something people are actively searching for will increase your chances of success with links.

Here’s a tip. It’s logical to go after the phrases with the highest search volume. At the same time it will be easier to get less competitive phrased top rankings quickly. Once it has top rankings it will naturally obtain new links on an ongoing basis since it will get more exposure. Think of it as a dividend link.

With these strategies, your company can come up with new link building ideas on a recurring basis. Just remember to keep an open mind, and be creative.


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