SEO Plug-in Helps Bloggers Optimize Content

Last month, we had a look at an InboundWriter study that showed how search and social intelligence provided to writers during the content creation process can increase quality score, time on page, search traffic, and conversion to sale. What we felt was missing at the time was a way to seamlessly integrate this tool into the blog writing process.

Eightfold Logic Inc. recently launched an InboundWriter WordPress plug-in that takes away that extra step of writing/optimization on a separate platform.


InboundWriter is a web-based app that collects real-time search and social data using an algorithm with 25 different factors and gives your document a score based on optimization best practices. You begin by giving the application three core terms you’re targeting. It comes back in seconds with suggested keywords and continues to make suggestions about how you use them throughout the writing process.

How Real-Time Content Optimization Makes You a More Effective Writer

The Impact of Real-Time Content Optimization: Does Access to Search and Social Intelligence Make You a More Effective Writer? was co-authored by well-known content authorities Bryan Eisenberg, Jay Baer, and Pelin Thorogood. The hypothesis is that, given access to real-time search and social data, writers can better optimize content that is easier to discover and more compelling to read.

The study shows a 27 percent increase in search engine traffic to an e-commerce website, with conversion to sale up 17 percent and a 153 percent increase in time spent on page.

Optimized blog posts saw 33 percent more traffic compared to the 30 days prior and top 10 rankings on Google for six of the seven targeted terms within two days of publication.

A blog network compared two new domains to two control domains and saw a 112 percent increase in time spent on site, as well as a 50 percent increase in page views per visit on the optimized domains.

Paid search impressions increased, without any change in paid search budget, as a result of the increased quality score of optimized pages as well as greater page focus on paid search keywords.

The study was quite small and took place over a seven week period from August 1 to September 19, 2011. It consisted of:

  • Four category landing pages on
  • Two optimized domains pitted against two control domains at; each domain had five new blog posts in August, followed by two posts per week for four weeks.
  • Five blog posts rewritten using Inbound Writer’s suggestions at Convince & Convert. The posts were originally published from 2009 to about six months ago.

There are many factors that aren’t accounted for; in the case of, two of the four category pages also had their layout optimized. The results don’t differentiate between those that received the full treatment and those that published optimized, updated content on the existing layout. There’s also no accounting for search engines giving content a boost after publishing or updating. After an initial period of lift, content has to stand on its own.

Brent Rangen from said of the report, “Two good things have come about with the study, we have authors now able to write keyword-saturated articles using InboundWriter; before it was an additional step performed by admins after article composition was completed AND early analysis shows some promising signs on the non-control domains. However, we plan to continue running the test for another 2-3 months as we are looking for consistency in early findings.”

It will be interesting to see the results of Inbound Writer’s optimization strategy after further testing. For now, Eightfold Logic’s SEO plug-in takes care of one concern with what was, until recently, a stand-alone web application; that it added an extra step for bloggers.

Inbound Writer told Search Engine Watch they’re working on features to make the tool more practical for larger sites, such as multi-user access and a built in editorial process.

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