Getting Arrested? Now There’s An App For That

occupy-wall-street-im-getting-arrestedSo Occupy Wall Street has inspired some action – the creation of the “I’m Getting Arrested” app for Android.

“Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc … that you are being arrested with a click. I’m Getting Arrested enables anyone, with one click, to broadcast a custom message to SMS numbers in the event they are arrested,” the Android Market description states.

While the Occupy Wall Street movement may need such an app given recent legal woes down at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, there really seems to be a use for this one. Maybe bail bondsman can have it installed on potential clients’ phones.

Basically the app sends a pre-written text message to a set list of people – so it could be used for other important messages as well.

Jason Van Anden, a Brooklyn-based software developer, decided to build the “I’m Getting Arrested” app after a friend’s girlfriend was about to be arrested at OWS. It will be available for the iPhone soon.

The growing protest movement over the past year makes this a timely app and one that could be used globally. Perhaps the guy who was arrested after police posted a security video on YouTube of him dancing through the store as he (allegedly) put a woman’s dress under his shirt.

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