Google Comes to Thanksgiving Dinner Early and Brings a Turkey Doodle

A tradition as American as apple pie, Google has decided to give thanks this year by paying homage to the turkeys that elementary school kids make by tracing their hands.


The Thanksgiving Doodle, their holiday Google logo, has gone up on the U.S. version of Google a few days early. Looking and interacting with it, you can see why.

Figuring that many people will be spending more time with family and less with their computer, this interactive Doodle needs plenty of time to be noticed and enjoyed. Google announced the full details today.

The hand turkey, which gobbles up the place the two Google o’s typically occupy, is clickable in seven different places. Like your favorite dish, you can customize the Thanksgiving Google Doodle to your taste.

Clicking the head allows you a choice of a dozen different features, including a hat, glasses, various hair styles and even a football helmet. The choices for feet include roller skates, sneakers, high heels and even duck feet. Each of the feathers can also be customized.

Are all the many choices stuffing your brain? Click the turkey wing for a random mash-up of head, feet, and feathers.

When you’re done dressing your turkey, make sure you pass it to your family and friends. No matter how corny it may be, in one fell swoop, you can quickly share a link to your turkey goodness on Google+ by clicking the G+ share button.

If you have chosen not to flock to Google+, simply click the “link” button to get a short URL that you can share with other social networks. Just don’t let your friends squash your dreams.

Don’t forget to stop and take breaks. If you need to, do it in doses. We all know Google Doodles are hard to quit cold turkey.

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