AnalyticsOptify Adds Optimized Landing Pages and Social Sharing

Optify Adds Optimized Landing Pages and Social Sharing

New Optify features allow users to create five types of custom optimized landing pages and enable one-click social sharing, to better share, promote and measure ROI on campaigns across social channels and the real-time web.

Optify has launched new landing pages and one-click social sharing features, designed to help marketers improve campaign tracking and ROI. Marketers are able to create customized or template landing pages, hosted either on Optify or their own domain, without the help of IT or a designer. They can then share, track, and measure across a number of social networks.

“Despite all the buzz around all of these online channels, CMOs still view social media primarily as an acquisition vehicle. Business people want to know is this creating value for the business,” CEO Brian Goffman told Search Engine Watch. With these additional features, Optify hopes their all-in-one suite can help marketers pull more campaign data and make it easily digestible for others in their organizations.

They aim to answer the questions marketers struggle with in managing paid, social, and organic campaigns: are people finding the company, are they converting, are we best measuring our social traffic, and what is our digital marketing ROI?

“There is a move to go to real-time web, but it’s evaded a lot of companies. Search has been massively changed with real-time info, both with what’s ranking and the type of data served up, all on every device. Our marketers are trying to live in this kind of world and we’re building software to help them,” Goffman explained.

Optimized Landing Page Design and SEO


There are five types of landing pages available: Multipurpose, Image, Form Only, Promotional Content, or Video. Additional landing pages in the works include Facebook and mobile.

Landing page options include adding images, updating alt text and destination URL, building in Facebook Connect, and more. Forms are simplified, allowing clients to change fields, add confirmation messages, change button text, and customize colors.

Options for SEOs include customizable meta description and analytics code. They can share across multiple social networks and have multiple types of each account.

Users can generate customized reports, showing sources and leads per day, month, week, 3 months, etc. Campaigns are coming next to show more granular detail about which efforts are generating traffic. Landing page templates don’thave an HTML editor, though that feature is also in the works.

Account Levels Bumped Up; New Features Available in Free to Enterprise Editions

The new landing page and one-click social sharing features are available to all Optify account holders, including those using the Free edition. Until this latest update, the Professional edition accommodated 10 users and the Enterprise edition 15; both are going to 50 users to enable companies to deploy across the organization. Companies get discounts when they add more domains.

Other new features in this latest rollout focus on integration. Optify data is now integrated into the Salesforce activity feed and with Chatter. These improvements make it easier for salespeople to see what’s happening in their social channels. Users can manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts with a single sign-on; Google+ sharing and support is an expected next step, according to Goffman.

Optify’s Basic Edition is $99/month, Professional is $499/month, and the Enterprise Edition is customizable. Quarterly and annual subscribers receive a discount on their services, while all users get a free 14-day trial.


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