Foursquare Introduces “Save” Button


Geo-location social network Foursquare has announced a “Save” button for webmasters. This button allows users to store a location with a single click, then receive a notification when they’re close to the location itself.

The “Save” Button

Foursquare’s new button lets users easily add location to their “To-Do List.” In addition to storing details on the location, the To-Do List works in tandem with the recently released foursquare Radar to notify users when they’re near a stored location.

Jonathan Crowley, Foursquare’s director of media partnerships, stated that “Creating this button is basically the best way to bridge the gap between the things that you read online and then the things you want to experience in the real world.”

Starting partners for the “Save” button include New York Magazine, Time Out, CBS,, AskMen, and Frommer’s Travel. Combined, these launch partners have placed the new button on tens of thousands of pages.

As noted by Ad Age, this isn’t the first version of the button we’ve seen; an earlier version of the button was deployed to the Wall Street Journal as part of a limited test back in June 2010. However, this button had to be reprogrammed for each page. The new version scans the page for metadata about a location, automatically connecting the button to the appropriate foursquare profile.

Along with the “Save” button, foursquare is introducing a bookmarking tool that lets users “Save” any page on the web that uses the appropriate location metadata.

Adding the Button to Your Site

Adding the button to a page is simple enough. You just:

  1. Add the appropriate location metadata to your page using either the hcard or Open Graph format.
  2. Visit this Foursquare page to customize the button and get the code.
  3. Paste the code into your site.

And you’re done! For how simple it is, the button is certainly a nice boost for local businesses, especially when combined with other Foursquare marketing techniques.

Do you plan on using the button on your site? What place do you feel it has in local optimization or other marketing strategies? What should foursquare do next to win your attention? Post your ideas in the comments.

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