PPCMarin Software and BoostCTR Partner for Scalable Ad Copy Optimization

Marin Software and BoostCTR Partner for Scalable Ad Copy Optimization

BoostCTR’s crowdsourced ad creative optimization is coming to Marin Software customers, as a result of their new partnership. BoostCTR has a network of hundreds of professional copywriters optimizing for both Faccebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Marin Software and BoostCTR have just announced a partnership that brings crowdsourced ad creative optimization into the Marin platform. BoostCTR offers a network of professional copywriters to generate engaging, performing ads at a scale not often possible, or feasible, within a company or agency.

In a written statement, Matt Lawson, vice president of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software explained, “Constantly writing and testing ads across multiple campaigns and at scale is a major pain point for online advertisers and agencies. We’re excited to be able to introduce Marin customers to BoostCTR’s solution.” He added, “BoostCTR not only consistently generates improvements in click-through rates, sales volume, and return on investment, but they also operate seamlessly with Marin’s platform.”

Noran El-Shinnawy, Director of Marketing, BoostCTR and SEW author said, “This is the perfect mix of optimizing both the technical and creative aspects of your search marketing efforts.”

According to BoostCTR, their clients experience a 30 percent increase in sales volume, on average. Ads written by their copywriters are tested side-by-side, with winners chosen based on their proprietary algorithms. Crowdsourcing gives clients access to a large network of professionals experienced in ad generation and optimization, allowing for greater volumes and more selection in Facebook and AdWords ads. The solution is more economical and growing in popularity, as copywriters are rewarded for their ad performance, rather than paid upfront or per ad.

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Marin client W3i participated in the pilot program and shared their experience using the two together in a written statement. “We experienced dramatic improvements in click-through rates, revenue and costs per acquisition through BoostCTR,” wrote Michael Liebelt, senior marketing manager at W3i. “Marin Software’s innovative ad management platform combined with BoostCTR’s expert ad copy optimization services prove to be invaluable to our marketing efforts, delivering significant gains in our ad campaigns. We’re excited to be able to leverage the BoostCTR writer network as an extension of the features and functionality provided by Marin.”

In September, Marin Software launched their intelligent recommendation engine, Marin Next, to help marketers discover new revenue opportunities in large-scale search, display, and social media campaigns.

Have you used crowdsourcing services in your campaigns? Let us know what you think of the concept in the comments!


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